Then There Were Five

Mother nature must have scared away the rest of the PAX today, but 5 Revolution faithfuls showed up for another muggy excursion around Metro’s best AO.  Here’s what we did.


  • COP at the 50 yardline
  • SSH x 20
  • Imperial Walkers x 20
  • Windmills/Sharon Towers x 20
  • Merkins IC x 10 and hold
  • Wide Arms IC x 10 and hold
  • Diamonds IC x 10 and hold
  • Peter Parkers x 10 and hold
  • Plank Jacks x 10 and recover
  • 4 corners around the football field. 3 rounds.  Round 1 with 10 hand release merkins at each corner, round 2 with 10 sumo jump squats, and round 3 with 10 knee ups.
  • Mosey out of the park and hang a left on Remount and head over to Southside Park for a circuit
  • 10 pull ups, 10 dips, 10 derkins, and 20 LBCs. (4 rounds)
  • 10 burpees OYO
  • Quick mosey to the basketball court for a suicide, stopping at the foul line, mid-court, the opposite foul line, and opposite baseline with 5 hand release merkins at each stop.
  • Mary.  Flutters x 20 and hold, then Dollys x 20
  • Mosey back to Revolution Park and under the bridge to find a coupon
  • Combo of Squat Thrusters and Spiderman merkins.  20 and 20, 15 and 15, 10 and 10.
  • Grab some wall for the peoples’ chair, while holding your coupon straight out in front of you for some random period of time.
  • Put back your coupon, and mosey to the hill just past the outfield fence of the baseball field for 7s.  Burpees at the top and sumo squat jumps at the bottom.
  • Quick mosey over to the restroom building next to the baseball field and find some wall for 20 hip slappers.
  • Rail walk up both rails of the ramp
  • Finish with 20 dips OYO
  • COT

Naked Moleskin:

Pretty light numbers today, but not as light as a few weeks ago when Lynchpin lead a pack of 3.  Felt like we were in the Van Halen Hot for Teacher video today.  “Man the clock is slow!”  Steroid said he was familiar with this video only because of VH1 Classics.  He did not see the original video on MTV like some of us.  With only 5 dudes, the called exercises and such do not take very long.  Time just seemed to be standing still.  It could have been the multiple beers YHC consumed last night while throwing axes and brewery hopping with some of our fellow F3 clowns for Mariah’s farewell send off.  The humidity this morning did not help at all, considering YHC woke up feeling like a raisin.  It was well worth it.  Lumberjaxe is a cool spot, and you cannot go wrong at the Thirsty Beaver!  Had planned to do 10 burpees at each corner on the 3rd round of 4 corners, but opted for knee ups instead.  Good call after a late night.  Rope A Dope would have been pleased that we only ran about 2.7 miles today.  At least I knew where I was going(#Magellan).  YHC chose poorly when picking out a coupon.  Could barely finish the squat thrusters, and the peoples’ chair coupon holders (not sure what to call them) were pretty much impossible.  Live and learn.  A few random observations:

  • GAAP continues to have a few back issues.  I wonder if he has shaved it yet for the summer season?
  • Speaking of shaving; Pipeline must spend a fortune on razors.  It’s like Hugh Jackman crossed with Homer Simpson.  Impressive!
  • Lynchpin must be one of those roll right out of the rack guys.  Sports some great bed head when he posts.  Wish YHC could do that. (#folicallychallanged)
  • Steroid may be the most positive guy around.  Always has good things to say and seems to live life on the positive side.  Glad he has become a Revolution and Shark Tank regular.  Also, the guy is a complete beast!

Don’t forget about the Memorial Day Convergence at Symphony Park in South Park on Memorial Day, followed by the Patriot Festival 5K.  Speed For Need will have a large presence at the 5K pushing some of our amazing Veterans.

Thanks to Steroid for a powerful takeout this morning, reminding us once again just how blessed we are, and how we simply cannot take it for granted.

Thanks for the keys Pipeline.  Always an honor.


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