PWW BB: Clever Title

I had a really good BB going about journaling and CD towers and Lazy Boys and pet birds (Gary, Professor Squawks, Tomahawk, Calvin, Hobbes and The Judge) but it started to get a little weird so I erased it.  Instead you’ll get a traditional, more normal BB.  I’ll try harder next time.

What Happened

The ol’ “Who’s got the Q?  Is it you Stinger, you just looked at your watch.”  Nah, says Danny Boy, Starbuck has it but he’s not here.  I’m your Huckleberry says the guy in the headband.  If I remember correctly we ran to the NASCAR HOF and did a merkin/dip/derkin combo before heading to the first of 2 “mini bllz decks” as Cynthia pointed out.  Run/backward run/lunge to the top. 7s, no 8s with burpees and knee-ups.  Plank stuff to finish.  Down the stairs, to the next block, run/backward run, lunge to the top.  8s with burpees and knee-ups.  Flutter/dolly/bicycle + some more plank stuff to finish.  Over to the St. Peter’s parking lot for round 3 of the burpee/knee-up 8s.  Flutter and plank work to finish.  Back to where we started.

The End

Got an exciting(ish) recap of Team Rifty Swifty’s epic mud run weekend.  As much garbage as we throw at them, I am proud of those old goats.  They put all but 5 of the yungin teams to shame.  That’s strong. Top 5 would have been stronger but there’s always next year.


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