Where are you Purple Crayon?

Good solid crew showed up for a fair and honest beatdown.  Lots of activity at Freedom this morning with FIA and TriYon groups getting after it on this sticky summer time morning.  Was also surprised to see Ice9 and SirTop show given they are P2W regulars.  Here is what went down.

Made our way to train with lunge walks and karaoke

20 side straddle hops

20 deep squats

10 windmills

20 mountain climbers

20 burpees OYO

20 mountain climbers

20 burpees OYO

20 mountain climbers

20 burpees OYO

Quick Lap around the lake

People’s chair to wait on 6

Headed to stairs (Subway and Guantanamo sighting with TriYon group)

Broad Jumps up stairs

Lunge walks

20 squats

10 merkins

20 squats

10 merkins

Supines on railing max effort

Farm to table (reverse plank)

10 supines

Farm to table


Indian Run around lake

Spring to parking lot

Burpess until quarter after 6



What a solid group staying true to form on continual squats and burpees.  YHC didn’t expect to see quite these numbers at BHM, stogie is bringing out the crowds.  Farm to table was a crowd pleaser I think and it especially worked out some kinks for Ice9 after his savage race appearance this weekend.  Any merlot at the race Ice?  Very impressed to see the respects up front and getting after it.  #rifty is ripped after 50 and these guys sure are making it happen!

Just humbled to lead these men and be healthy mind and body to post.  I am always encouraged and renewed in spirit through fellowship with this group of men.


  1.  Two men’s mission trips leaving in 2019 for Chimbote Peru.  1/25/19 – 2/2/19 and 2/8/19 – 2/26/19.  Sauerkraut and GOP are your trip leaders.
  2. The Valley is workout in Hungtingtown farm neighborhood.  Spread the work if you know potential FNG’s in and around that hood
  3. Funds are still being raised for the AG track upfit.  Look to twitter for donate link
  4. 88 on the take out.

Peace on your week gentlemen!


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