ALS: Millenial edition

So I get a text yesterday from Foo asking if I want to Q and like any good selfless millennial agree with no questions asked. I show up at 5:29 well before GAAP, Wahoo, and there was one other that rolled up in that pack. Here’s the thang in an attempt to eliminate those dad bods with summer quickly approaching:

-10 SSH, 10 WW2 sit-ups, 10 SSH, 8 WW2 sit-ups, 10 SSH, 6 WW2 sit-ups, 10 SSH, 4 WW2 sit-ups

– Mosey to football field where we split into 6 groups and did Merkins, “Bulgarian Split Squats”, Diamonds, Rock Hoppers, Wide Arms, Jump Squats each ten times and cycled through that twice with 10 WW2 sit-ups in between

– Went over to the blacktop for 7’s of Durkins and Donkey Kicks

– Went down to back entrance of Selwyn where we alternated lunge walks and bears crawls between lights with Merkins in between

– Back to the circle for some Mary

Always enjoy getting out and showing the veterans how it’s done. The best part of the workout was at my first Holdouts concert Foo threw me a drum stick and we used it today to mark the middle of the field. As a whole, we had some serious issues getting back to that as I noticed people doing WW2 about ten yards away.

– Foo: A+ on the music today after that BS last week and thanks for talking me into Qing

– Rev: We worked those titties hard today and you’re going to feel it in the morning

– GV: I’m still living rent free baby

– $$$: I have been reprimanded for too much running, won’t happen again

Annoucements: Please give to the AG field project as we are at $6,500 (if 20 people give 5 dollars, that will be $100 more), South Meck golf tournament on June 4 (see Chopsaw for more details), also Myers Park girls soccer team plays tonight at 7:30. Talk to Pomfret if you are interested in betting on the game.



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