Don’t F&%$ It Up!!!!

16 Pax were ready to go 5:29:30 when their Q showed up at 5:29:45 for a 05:30 launch.

WarmUP COP 25 SSH, 15IW, 25 Mountain Climbers, Halos, Figure Eights, 20 2-Handed Swings

Ladders 8r/l-10r/l-12r/l 1 handed swings after run to bottom of lot 15 good form squats, Cleans  then plank, Power to the People 8r/l-10 R/L awful audible back to bottom of lot squats, then 30 Goblet Squats

Handoff to Nibbs

2 minute cycles 5 burpees,5r/5L Snatches, Mountain Climbers or something else

Did 20 cycles

Line up abreast, lawnmower on Nibbs count to 30 run to bottom of parking lot 30 sumo jump squats, Couple other KB exercises

Finisher 50 KB swings


Take Out By Rev


Please give to AG Field Repair. Diamondhead Kettlebell divots are primary reason for the new field. To contribute go here to donate

Memorial Day Convergence: Go to the Link Memorial Day Convergence

No DiamondHead next Monday all Site AO’s closed go to convergence Checkpoint large and in charge

New Site Qs for DiamondHead starting Monday June 4, 2018 are BigWorm and Skoal Bandit



  • Eminem pitched Division 1 Baseball at The University of Virginia SEE UVA Complete Game Stats 1977 Em…for going to such a prestigious(#notreally) school how did your brain say hmmmmm..Power 2 The People that seems like a great KB exercise to unleash on the PAX.  #backhobbled #SheriffBufordTJusticeGeniusAward
  • Rev congrats on the new job Sales Coach..#wheelhouse #IRstockupfrom80preRevto90Revonboard #dumpnow  notfdicinsured,may lose value, not bank guaranteed
  • JohnBoy great at Curls, YHC yelled said what the hell you doing that girly curl for? Q you called curls when you meant to say Cleans #Qdumbf&^kmoment
  • Titan says he has been the MAF King since his heart inflammation and is running smoother and faster, to celebrate he may break out his high school wrestling unitard soon. Make sure you wear shorts over that unitard make sure it does not look like these my alma mater sported in 1989
  • Nibbs car looked to be washed this week #frontwheelmuddingstainsgone and was onetime and early this week
  • Hoover is tall wears a ruck, Ickey smiles all the time, Skoal Bandit nose hairs were trimmed, GAAP was first on squats #freeflatGAAP #shoulderhealed #Nibbssayshecheatedyoujudge
  • Grizzly in the house #DHneedsandwantsyoursandbags BlackWidowKing thanks for allowing DH the opportunity to have BigWorm lead us
  • Noonan and Crystal carpool buddies next time rent a tandem lime bike and ride that in to AG
  • HotLips back at DH throwing down on Nibbs 2 minutes of hell cycle #workingit #time2Qinthenearfuture
  • Tesla said he lives and breathes Belmont,NC 24 hours a day #redraiders  #peninsulaliving #comeonoverletsgotoTwinTops
  • BigWorm apologize the workout was elbow plankjack free #Qfail
  • Turntable has joined the prestigious #silentassassinsclub does not talk much but when he Qs he will wear your ass out without saying a word. FYI still having shoutouts from your Q a couple of weeks ago #paxsaidyourQkickedtheirass great work



Thank you Diamondhead Pax for allowing Nibbler and myself to lead this great workout. Nibbs TCLAPS #jobwelldone. Nibbs has been at the helm 7 years taking over for TangoDelta TD #farmboystrongfoundation with Bryon. Diamondhead one of the first weekday workouts when F3 started 2011. The Nibbler is quite simply the man #60lbKB #brassballs #catcherbody

Thank you pax for making this role as your SiteQ for the last 2 1/2 years…quite simply fun….I have been blessed with pax. Very rarely did Nibbs or myself have to Q due to lack of volunteers #twice. Usually it was due to my failure to communicate not yours.  Thank you for following our simple mission to be the best alternative to the running bootcamp, A workout using Gear/KB to push the Pax up and over their pain thresholds, Most important designing your DH workouts to keep the pax together, creating a workout environment to promote and encourage mumblechatter & fellowship to flourish. Allow the pax to push one another through the grind and suckup the pain

Now to our New Site Qs  BIG WORM and SKOAL BANDIT….in NIBBLER’s immortal words…..DON’T F%$K IT UP!!!!

Push The Envelope Boys,    Watch It Bend



First Post 6/1/2013 Cherokee

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