Always Playing Catchup

Lots of talk about some bear pre-workout this morning. Or maybe it’s just training to be a bear. Or run from a bear. YHC needs that training cause at Splinter Group the bear would catch  DRM first…

So after the bear talk we circled up for quick COP: SSH, Merkins, Plank with hand to foot cycle and Imperial Walker prior to running.

The fast guys are getting real fast so the plan was for them to stay behind and do some extra hard exercising whilst us slower guys got a head start.  40 SSH that oughta do them. Well either they can’t count or they have gotten really fast because they caught us before we got to the top of Radcliffe.

Anyway we took a left on Queens and ran down to Oxford where we turned right, led of course by the fast guys. Stopped at intersection with Hampton for Squats, the Copperhead kind, Raider, then Dry Docks and LBC. Reset the expect with the fast guys for 25 merkins and off we went down Hampton. They caught us just before we took the right at Malvern. Headed on up to Sharon, then left and down to Chilton for another round of exercises. We lost Kieffer at a construction site on Briarcliff for the usual mid run respite. While the pax circled and did some slow merkins, squats and maybe something else, Valdez dropped back to scout for Kieffer.

Tired of waitng and after instructing Valdez on route, we headed up Chilton, then left on Queens east and hill climb to Roswell. Fast guy challenge was to double back down hill to Chilton after touching Roswell and beat the slow guys on their first trip to Roswell. DRM stumped ’em on this one. Pulled the plug on that nonsense before they got 50 feet back down the hill. After a few calf raises, we all headed home via Roswell to Wellesley and back to MPTS right on time at 0615.

But where are the walkers? Sharona, Hollywood and EDB are not back for COT. Better get a better watch boys.

COT and great takeout by Hallpass. Good thoughts for our graduates and defenders of our country.

NMM and announcements.

Not to late to send in another $ 100 for the redo of AG field. Make it happen!

Patriot Run on Monday at Symphony Park with 0530 convergence. Hoedown, Tesla and Rocketman are going to be pushing the Speed for Need chariots with some veterans. Come out and cheer them on.

Bear training on Saturday at Crowders Mtn. Get with Van Winkle or Smokey on this one.

Must admit it was fun penalizing the fast guys and trying to stay ahead. YHC will get the handicaps down and while this is not a race, it’s a race. Just have to make it fair enough for YHC to win.

My Little Friend, boy is that tongue in cheek, Eminem, the outspoken one and Skoal, he’s either slow or fast, no inbetween, were the fast guys today. Thanks for playing tough.

Appreciate the opportunity to be in charge.

C you real soon, Y because we love you.



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