American Gothic at Gamucci

Many grandmasters of hearty redwood stock and Gamucci regulars were missing, e.g. 6Mike, Kit, the Cougar, Ann & Hope, Tryon, Robo, GrapeJuice; however, the emotional war daddy Dreeeeed did post which made everything special.

  1. The F1 fare was middle of the road to above average: COP, running, more COP, more running, pull ups to polish the male grunting, finally rest in plank for game clock to expire. 2.85 miles covered. The suicide attacks on Slope Spackler were solid. The track work at AG was pretty solid except for getting bullied by three angry women competing for track space.
  2. The F2 was particular feisty and personal. Real life exchange, not reality TV: Dreed: “Hey Moonshine, why you wearing glasses?” ‘Shine: “Because I need them to see, and besides, glasses are a manly fashion statement.” Dreed: “No, they’re not; glasses are weak.” Later Dreed queries: “Does Grandma Moonshine know you took her glasses?” Not sure of timing from flash to bang, Dreed continues: “Hey, ‘Shine, haven’t I seen you in picture with a pitchfork and an old woman?” [Ba-dum-ching sound.] The F3 oracle’s banter is priceless.
  3. The F3 was thankful and the Boone family was especially remembered in prayer as a young mother has but days left in a life cut short by the C-word. Sad. A ball of man prayer took us into the day, better than when we arrived.

Additional notes of observation: Yes, Frankie Five Angels is a Dartmouth alum…and owns it proudly in school colors. The Knack was back. Somewhere Booth demanded a 10-count, and got it. Knack and Fa So La ran to post – strong. 50 is the new 30, evidenced by many in attendance.

Until next time, peace be with you, fellas.

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