Leave your clothes at the back door…

Ten of F3s finest showed up this morning at Core Meltdown.  I note the solid “core” of regulars at this workout.  All very consistent to get up even on a humid, warm morning to show up and do the F3 hustle.  We had women in attendance, too.  Well, not really.  We just had female vocalists dominating our song mix on the boom box.  Dominatrix?

Here is what went down:

START   Stretch + 15x SSH

5 burpees OYO

40 Shades Merkin


KB BIT (15x/10x)

KB Swing, Goblet Squat, Tricep ext, Upright Rows, Greg Louganis    Lawn Mowers, Hammer curls, Dble Protractor, Russian twist



20x dips

20x one leg step-ups

15x inclined merkins



15x Knee ups

Plank 60 sec

15x Low slow flutter

15x Plank Hip slaps

20x Dollies

10x Turkish Getups

20x Rosalitas

20x Russian Twists

Table 60 sec


5 burpees OYO

A good time was had by all, though we were sweat-soaked from the humid conditions down at the lake.  Will mama let us bring these wet clothes into the house?  Probably not.  Announcements concerning convergence next Monday, mostly.  I always enjoy the chance to Q this fine bunch: it’s neither hardship nor burden for me.

YHC, Valdez

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