look out for ICE

A good day, if you like to sweat. And if you don’t, get used to it.


We started off with advice from Nibs, ‘keep it under a mile’. Fail. Per Carrier, we were almost 2 miles.


Today did not feature music. Lo siento. I forgot to charge the battery in the speaker.


M&M promoted today’s Atilla saying you had the opportunity not only to sweat today but learn foreign languages. I didn’t see anyone that looked like they were from ICE, so I was comfortable using un poquito de español.


Today also featured some West Virginian. (M&M thought it was Swahili. And he tells us he graduated from UVa. Was there no foreign language requirement at UVa?)


I think by now, everyone in Core knows how to say 4 in West Virginian. Hint: it’s a 2-syllable word. If don’t know how to say 4 in West Virginian, you need to show up at Atilla. The good part about speaking West Virginian, ICE will not deport you. You won’t even have to produce a birth certificate. They’ll take your word for it that you’re an Amurrikun.




Mountain climber


Peter Parker

I know, “up-down; up, down; up-down”

Windmill: aka ‘the Brownie Stretch’

Parker Peter


Plank and stretch while we wait for the light to change. I was waiting for the stoplight to change but it didn’t happen. Instead, I looked for a break in the traffic so we could cross Kings Road with minimal casualties.


We went to the field dominated by the giant Silver Ball for:


5 minutes of Burpees. Do 10 Burpees, and then wait for the next minute; 10 more burpees, etc. 5 minutes equals 50 Burpees.


Next: line up and partner up:

Partner 1 runs to the other side of the field while Partner 2 does a called exercise: We do the Grapevine: when the first person gets to the end of the field, everyone turns back; then Partner 1 does the called exercise. That kept us more or less together.


Next pair gets to call an exercise. We did about 6 of these. Skoal called Burpees.


Then, we ran to the bathroom on the greenway for 11s: Donkey Kicks and Derkins: The greenway bathroom was convenient for Donkey Kicks and the Plaza on the corner of Pearl Park Way and S. Kings for the Derkins.


Kiefer was seen looking for the sports section of the newspaper. His App rates this bathroom with 5 starts. Meanwhile, Skoal informed us that the water in creek was icy cold and contrary to what some think, there is no poison ivy.


We gathered at the corner plaza and did planks while we regrouped.


Next, we returned to the field with the giant Silver Ball for:







This field a convenient place to leave your car keys according to Wuerffel.


We did squats while we had a second failed attempt to use the stop light to cross Kings Road before we returned to the parking lot for Mary and finished with 10 burpees OYO.



Superman (For those of you not worried about ICE, it’s SuperHombre) brought us Steve Patton from Franklin, Kentucky (on the Tennessee line). He’s got 3 daughters. Went to Wake Forest and is a grassroots fundraiser. Nibbler wanted to name him Porno but then he wants to name everyone Porno. Tesla knew where Franklin is because Tesla knows where all the sheep pastures are in the Southeast. It’s a required course in West Virginia and Tesla is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of his high school.


Memorial Day (Monday) convergence at Symphony Park at Southpark at 6:30 AM. We’ll end up at the Coca-Cola building. Motley is the Core element Q.


Close out prayer by Tesla included a reminder of the sacrifices by our soldiers to preserve our freedom in this great country.




Retired from Duke Energy after 40 years as an accountant.

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