Wichita returns

So the whole thing got out of kilter pretty early.  Wichita, of all people, who hasn’t been to a weekday workout in several years, couldn’t sleep and showed up at Fortress.  I was so shocked I almost didn’t launch on time.

But under the expectant glare of site Co-Q’s Backup and Noonan, off we went.

Mosey to the bball court past the baseball field for warmup:  SSH, IW, Copperhead Squats, MC, L/R Hammy Stretch, L/R Hip Stretch

Mosey to the new parking lot oval on the South side of Trinity Church.  Partner up for 5 rounds of laps.  Partner 1 runs laps around the center island, Partner 2 exercises.

Round 1, 5: 1 lap, burpees

Round 2, 4: 2 laps, bear crawl the small island

Round 3, 3 laps, people’s chair

Plank-o-rama for the six.

Swap and Chips were out front on this one.

Mosey to St. Gabes concrete lot – FIA is all over it, plank a little for the six, head over to PUMC lower back parking lot for a modified beast.  I say modified because someone suggested 20 LBC’s instead of 6 per stop, so we did that, which pissed GAAP off and he promised to report the violation to Sump, who hasn’t been showing up at Fortress since he took over as Metro Nantan, which we now want to know why…..  And there may be some penalty for modifying the beast, we’re not sure.  And we didn’t have enough time for 6 rounds.  So that was kind of a micro-trainwreck, but Swap didn’t mind as he crushed this one too.  And everybody was running and exercising, and I guess that is the whole point of it all anyway.  Coach was joyfully complimentary about all the running (over 3 miles), I guess that is what SIB does to you……

We made it 3 rounds, Merican’s, 20 LBC’s, and Jump Squats.

Plank for the six, and a couple of rounds of pullup stuff.

Time to head back.

As I can’t keep up with anybody except Wichita and Cartman in this crowd, I told everybody to all runback via the shortest way possible and do Mary.  There were many variations of different routes taken, but I have to hand the straight line award to GAAP, who was tied with me until he ran through a lady”s yard at the corner of Westbury and Crosby.

I think he might have been the first to arrive.

We had time for a little bit of Mary, Rosalitas, Dying Cockroach, Dollies, Protractor with a bunch of 10 counts and angle variation.  GAAP tried to hijack and call 10 burpees OYO, but nobody was buying…


Kudo’s to Backup, who brought water like always.  That is reason enough to post at Fortress.  Bottled water at the finish.  Every time.  He never asked for any $ either.  I would like to personally thank him for that publicly, he’s done it for a few years now.

Great crowd today, there was a good bit of youth out there – I think GAAP, Noonan, and I were the only guys over 50.  Love to see new blood out there !

  • Coach approved the high mileage
  • Tool Belt with the Midwood Q Sat.
  • Revolution 7 a.m. Pipeline Q
  • Patriot Day convergence and 5K – starts 6:30 band shelter Symphony Park
  • Cartman with the takeout

Thanks Backup and Noonan for the keys – always a pleasure to lead this group !  Welcome back Wichita !

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