You’re just like In-laws

What a lovely muggy morning for a Bastion beatdown and 22 PAX decided to make this the workout of choice today and 4 of them decided that 45 min. wasn’t enough and needed some EC.  Here’s all the fun you missed.


Run over to Orient Rd.  Run the Orient Express, HR Merkin Mile.  Run three laps stopping after each lap and do escalating HR Merkins, 5 at lap one, 10 lap 2 and 15 at lap three. LBC’s – 20x.  Run back to St. Gabes to catch the sleepyheads.


Run over to PUMC parking lot for COP – SSH – 20x, Dips – 15x, LBC’s – 15x

Run down Providence to Andover Pl. – Run Hwy. 67 – Run the mile to Woodlark stopping at each stop sign (6) and do 7’s (6 burpees & 1 Turkish Get up at first SS and so forth).   KC mentioned this was a stupid combination.

Plank Jacks – 15x while collecting the 6.

Run down Audubon to the bottom of Ferncliff – Partner up.  Partner 1 runs up Ferncliff while partner 2 does exercises till he gets back.  Must complete as a team 50 burpees, 75 squats and 100 Russian Twists.

Backwards run up Ferncliff to Woodlark stopping at each speed bump (2) and at the top and do 10 Spiderman Merkins.

Run down Woodlark across Sharon Amity down to rails in front of Eddies Place parking lot – dips – 15x, Derkins – 15x, dips – 10x, derkins – 10x.

Run down Providence to St. Gabe’s cut through road.  On your belly at the bottom of the hill and AYG to the top. Mary – Rosalita – 15x, Flutter – 15x

Run back down the hill and AYG up the hill and back to COP.



– This was YHC’s Kotter Q today.  Haven’t been to Bastion in a while and it was good to back.  Lot’s a early chatter was quickly squashed the more we ran today, except Kicken and Coach and it seemed like no one was happy.  Complained about burpees, complained about running or the humidity.  Blah, Blah, Blah. Actually,  there wasn’t any half assing out there today, well maybe by Coach #allin. 4.5 miles total if you were lucky enough to be there for EC. Starting with a HR Merkin mile smoker was not the way KC wanted to start the morning.  Well, EC also stands for Enough Complaining. That’s what you get for sleeping through Promo yesterday.  YHC got a solid C- grade from Coach so I’ll take it.

– Speaking of Coach he mentioned that YHC was like In-laws, annoying, can’t stand them and they won’t go away. Hey, always appreciate the kind words and feedback.

– Strong group today with Toga, Hollins, Nabisco, EZ Rings and Ramon up front most the morning. Of course Ramon should be, he’s still a double hate.


– KC is working on two mission trips to Peru next year (Jan, Feb) with more info. to come.  GOP and Sauerkraut will be leading the two teams. 27 guys in each group.

– Revolution on Saturdays at 7am at Revolution Park corner of Remount and Barringer. Great AO.

– Memorial Day Convergence 6:30 at South Park (Symphony Park).   Checkpoint with the Q.  Followed up by the Patriot’s 5K and Go the Extra Mile.  We will be pushing 8 chariots in the race.

– Hollins has a couple of Q spots available in the next couple of months.  Step up if you haven’t Q’ed before.

Thanks Hollins for the opportunity this week.  Good to be back.

See ya next time.

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