Indy: The Documentary

UPDATE: Here’s the video version of the BackBlast.


Five men of Indy gathered for a Razorback-led beatdown (OK, that might be a little bit of a stretch for this morning’s workout). YHC brought a speaker, a GoPro with headgear, and a body that hadn’t really done much in a month. Classic “all the gear, no idea(r)” from the Q. Nonetheless, we hit a couple of ballfields around town, endured a little rain along the way, and got in some mileage.

The Thang.

  • Mosey – past the usual COP gathering spot of the basketball court – to the baseball field for COP;
    • 10 burpees OYO;
    • Merkins x 25;
    • Imperial Squat x 25;
    • Mountain Climbers x 25;
    • Diamonds x 10;
    • And at this point, the Pax observed that the Q couldn’t keep up with his own exercises, so the moseying began;
  • Up the stairs and down Torrence to Cherry Park (1.0 mile), where we found another baseball field and:
    • Ran around the bases:
      • 25 merkins at home plate;
      • 25 diamonds at first base;
      • 25 wide-arms at second base; and,
      • 25 crucibles at third base;
      • for two cycles, then;
    • Another round-the-basepaths with:
      • 25 squats at home plate;
      • 25 lunges at first base;
      • 25 sumo jump squats at second; and.
      • 25 toe-lifts at third;
  • Mosey from Cherry Park, down Baxter, across Queens, to Colonial Park (0.8 miles);
    • Gather under the largest tree, while the rain started in earnest, for some tennis-ball game;
    • Pax performed a Mary exercise while one ran to a bag of tennis balls left under the basketball goal, retrieved a ball (each labeled with an exercise), had to make a layup with it, and return it to the Pax;
    • Perform said exercise;
    • Rinse and repeat;
  • Mosey from Colonial Park to CMC-Mercy Lot (0.5 miles);
    • Spring down a level in the parking deck;
    • Backwards run up;
    • Karaoke down and back, with wall-sits in between;
  • Mosey back from CMC-Mercy to the Lot (0.55 miles) for COT.

MapMyRun logged us at 3.77 miles, 6,000 steps, and just a touch overtime with a total of 1:01:24.


YHC got a new toy recently – a GoPro Hero – and wanted to have some fun with it today. Probably shouldn’t have brought a camera out on a day when: (1) I was woefully underprepared to Q (BTW, thanks Oswald for the tweet yesterday, without it this would have been a total wing-it); and, (2) the day after another – somewhat less amateur – videographer appeared in federal court. YHC narrowly avoided being re-dubbed “Harvey” due to this workout. We’ll see how the footage comes out.

Between that, circling-the-bases, and the “ball bag” (tennis balls), there was plenty of juvenile humor to go around today.

Many of the Old Faithful of Indy were out today, and was good to see you all.

YHC reserves the right to revise and amend these remarks when the GoPro video is available.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

Announcements: Don’t forget the convergence at Symphony Park on Monday, 6:30 AM, followed by the Patriot Festival 5K.

Well-wishes to Pan as he recovers from rhabdo. Take care of yourselves, fellas — don’t push too hard (i.e., be like me).

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