MIP: “I’ve Been There Before, And I Know The Way Out…”

11 men gathered at Charlotte Rescue Mission and headed out to get better.

The Thang

  • COP at the Mission Entrance
    • SSH x 25
    • Imperial Walker x 25
    • Imperial Squat Walker x 25
  • Mosey to the small park at the corner of 1st & Cedar for some more COP;
    • Merkin x 25
    • Prisoner Squat x 25;
    • and a few other assorted exercises;
  • Mosey down Cedar to the Pinckney Marketing lot at 800 Hill Street for;
    • Up the stairs and some wall sit;
    • Heels-to-Heaven;
    • Toe Raises;
  • Mosey up the trail to Bank of America stadium, stopping a few times for Plank-o-Rama to collect the Pax, including under the Keep Pounding sign for some Mary and wall work;
  • A bit of Mary at the Richardson and Panthers statute (farewell Jerry);
  • Mosey back to the 1st & Cedar park, again stopping for Mary/Plank-o-Rama a few times to collect the Pax;
  • Tennis Ball game;
    • Pax perform Mary while one man runs to the bag of tennis balls across the lawn, and brings us back a ball labeled with an exercise;
    • Rinse and repeat until 0945;
  • Mosey back to Rescue.


WELCOME to the two newest brothers of F3 Nation: Penny (he likes Big Bang Theory) and Apprentice (Donald, duh, he narrowly avoided “Trump”). We gathered and talked about sponsorship, fellowship (2nd F), and community, including a brief playing of the “Guy Falls Into a Hole” parable from Leo McGarry on the West Wing. The video is worth two minutes of your time, but if you don’t have time or it, the parable is about a guy who falls into the hole, receives some well-intentioned but ultimately ineffective help from a doctor and a priest, before “then a friend walks by…and the friend jumps in the hole. Our guy says, ‘Are you stupid, now we’re both down here?’ The friend says, ‘Yeah, but I’ve been down here before, and I know the way out….'” If there’s a better illustration of sponsorship and community and friendship, I don’t know it.

Happy Memorial Day brothers.

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  • June 9, 2018 at 3:37 pm


    I hope you see this – I didn’t have your email. Today (6/9/2018) at MIP, I talked to Vega and Lost Boys about sharing the Q next week 6/16/2018. I see you have the Q, but wanted to see if you would give it to Vega and Lost Boys, or share it with them. They have posted consistently and said they were ready to Q. Vega has actually posted 15 Saturdays in a row, and hasn’t missed a Saturday since he started.

    Email me if you are ok with this. Either way is fine.


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