El Tour de Dilworth

Nine of F3’s finest showed up at the SunFlour East Blvd for a pleasant tour of Dilworth (in sneakers).  It was a humid morning, but otherwise clear and fine.  As this is Memorial day weekend we were all in good spirits and happy to have a quiet weekend in a relatively quiet city.

Our route carried us from Sunflower east to Dilworth Elementary, down south to Latta Park, then over towards Morehead, then down to Dilworth Road where we took a long, hilly, but beautiful and quiet jog westward over to Ideal Way and then to Park Road.  Then it was north on Park Road to Cleveland and back to the POB. Our group split into a fast group and a slow group, and YHC was pleased to be in the latter.  The former though, led by fleet-of-foot rocket man, did an extra lap around Latta park, arriving roughly at the same time as we slow pokes.  It was fun and all were having a good time.  At the takeout, we said a prayer of thanks for the men and women who have died such that we can live in this free, prosperous, and democratic nation.

We had coffee afterwards at Sunflower, and enjoyed one anothers warm company.  It is always fun for me to lead this fine bunch.  Our fellowship means much to me.

Your Humble Correspondent,


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