Rain and Pain

5 Men showed up for light rain and a little pain at Revolution yesterday. Here’s what we did:

COP: 20SSH InCadence, 10Merkins IC, 20IW IC, 10MonkeyHumpers IC (why not? MonkeyHumpers should be deployed early and often), 10 Windmills IC, 20 PlankJacks IC

Indian Run down trail behind ball fields to West Blvd. benches. Position FNG in front of wasp nest to test his mettle. Step-ups 20 right leg IC, 10 Dips IC, 20 step-ups left leg IC. Move group to the right so FNG does not get stung by wasps. 10 Dips IC.

Mosey up to SkyView Hill. 7s to speed limit sign (burpees up to top, SSH at bottom).

Mosey down corner of Skyview and  Osmond St.  Try to EH porch-sitter; his wife thought he should do it.   Why wouldn’t she want him to be associated with these strapping lads?

20 LBC IC.

Mosey down to Osmond and Bethel: 20 Dollies IC

Mosey to Stairway to Nowhere.   20 calf raises IC.  20 squats IC.  20 calf raises IC.  20 Low slow squats IC…Thanks for the “suggestion” Belafonte.

Mosey through Gt. Mt. Sinai Baptist Church  Parking Lot.  Stop for some rail walking on the curbs.  Watch out for the glass; definitely watch out for the razor blade #pre-churchshave?.

Indian Run to Rock Pile.   15 Curls for Girls IC, 12 Overheard Press IC, 10 Skulls Crushers IC.    People’s Chair.   Air Curls, Air Press, Air Skull Crushers.  10 Donkey Kick.    Repeat all of the above 3X.

Mosey back to Football Field.    20 LBCS IC, 10 JLOs.  Superman both sides.


Welcome FNG Jacob Darling “Buckner”. Might be a Red Sox Fan

Announcements  Memorial Day Convergence followed by race at Symphony Park.

Take-out by Belafonte

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