Blame Rook for this one

20 at the Mothership where it all started for YHC back in 2012. Here’s the deal: (Really, an AG Backblast). Trying to keep management happy.

Quick lap around the AG track and circle up in the middle of the field for COP – SSH – 20x, Squats – 20x, Merkins – 15x, LBC’s 20x

Run down to corner of Colony & Runnymeade.  Fly by from the Stang crew. Run 11’s up to Selwyn. Stop at each speed bump and stop sign and start with 10 diamonds & 1 jump squats at first stop, then 9 & 2, and so forth (you get the point).  Not the way I think this crew wanted to start out. Plank Jacks – 15x at the corner of Selwyn & Colony while waiting on the 6.

Run back down to Arcadia for some partner work.  Partner up.  P1 runs up Arcadia while P2 runs the other way till the dead end.  Each partner does 5 burpees then meet in the middle and do 10 hand slap merkins, then switch routes and do the same.

Next round same except this time do 10 partner derkins each.

Partner wheelbarrow to the top of Arcadia. Then run up to Glendale to the bottom.  Backwards run up Glendale and do 10 Spiderman Merkins at the top.

Run back down Colony to the Myers Park archway stopping at each speed bump and do 10 WWII sit ups.

11’s at the archway wall – dips & derkins.

Backwards run up to the top of Spacklers.  Partner up at top and stop at each speed bump to Runnymeade and do 5 jump over plank burpees each.

Mary  – Flutter – 15x, Rosalita – 15x, LBC’s – 15x, Freddie Mercury – 15x

AYG around the track back to COT and end with 5 burpees.



– So AG PAX you can thank Rook for this beatdown as I got the tap on the shoulder last week to take the keys to the Mothership this morning.  Many were wondering what YHC was doing here, then quickly realized, damn you’re Q’ing today, time for us to leave. I’d give Nibs a solid D+ effort today.  Good to see Stinger for the last 30 as he caught up with us on Arcadia. 4 miles total today and solid work by the PAX.


– Over $10K raised for the improvements for the field at AG.  Awesome work and only took 7 days.

Always appreciate the opportunity to Q at the Mothership!

See ya next time

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