Sensitivity Training for Sweaty Men

Silent Bob requested and received a substitute teacher, thus your obedient servant returned to Black Widow.


  • COP in the parking lot gathering late attendees to the pending mayhem.
  • Stroll to the hot box for underground circuit work with brief reprieves above grade for fresh air.
  • Stay in the hot box, trying to get it right.
  • Stroll from hot box to launch AO, including karaoke, back-pedal, and round-the-block run extender.
  • Rest in the plank, a lot.
  • ~2.8 miles covered.
  • COT.

Nekkid News

  • Silent Bob was remembered and missed (while laying out with fake injury).
  • From an irregular visitor’s perspective, Black Widow has grown into a group of hard-charging whack jobs. That was a stout workout with a stout group. Wow, Grizzly, others! Thanks for the hospitality.
  • Sensitivity to feelings was a large focus this morning with several unnecessary encouragements to “not act like a woman,” or “not run like a woman,” and more like that. There was a insensitive theme in there.
  • Sweating was everywhere. The hot box made things much better, hotter.
  • Tebow’s cousin 19-year-old FNG was delivered and rechristened Minor League.
  • New baby to the Camel family was born, just yesterday.
  • STH reported that another Peru mission trip was in the offing.
  • Aquafresh is the Q, next week.
  • Ball of man prayer took us into the day.
  • Peace be with you fellas.

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