Steve McQueen was one bad dude

So last night as I was preparing for my Q I turned on The Great Escape, a true story about several hundred British and American POW’s that attempted to escape from a German prison during WWII. I have always been a big Steve McQueen fan and I think one of the best movie scenes ever is Steve McQueen jumping the fence with his motorcycle in his futile attempt to escape. Nothing gets you fired up to lead a workout like watching a good Steve McQueen movie. Trust me.

So this is what we did on a hot, humid Tuesday morning on the first day after a long Memorial Day weekend. After a short SSH, IW, Seal Jack, Plank Jack, Mt Climber, Squat and STowers warm up we moseyed to the base of the Temple for a set of Bulgarian Split Squat-Donkey Kick 11’s.  That got the ole blood flowing and got us ready for  the next adventure: the AG hill climb. I have always been intrigued by the hill leading up to the back of AG. I have no idea if anyone ever uses it but it makes for a great workout hill. Today we partnered up and while one partner did monkey humpers the other ran the hill. At the end of each round we did hand slap merkins up to six. I had originally called for five but it was pointed out that would make one guy run one more round than the other so being the fair guy that I am we raised the number to six. #notgoodatmath

From there we moved on to new real estate: the new grassy area beyond the new Selwyn parking area. We moved through a series of six stations where the exercises were spelled out and drawn out in case there were those who, like me, cannot read unless I have on my Walgreen’s reading glasses. Next up was a series of 7’s consisting of step ups and derkins between the Selwyn benches and the playground at the end of the building. We moseyed back to the bus which surprisingly had buses in it for a quick Mary. Overall it was a valiant effort by a hearty group of 30 men who fought off the heat and humidity to give it all they had to start off the short week.

Great to see Starfish back with us. He was in town for a brief stopover on his way back to Austin. We miss you Starfish. You are one of the great ones. Keep the fire alive in beautiful hot Texas this summer!

Thanks to Foo for the tunes. Here was this morning’s playlist: Layla, Don’t Fear the Reaper, Take it Easy, Show me the way, Hotel California, Go your own way, Beast of Burden, The Boys are back in Town, Band on the Run, 25 or 6 to 4. Thanks for the opportunity to lead, Foo, and thanks for your continued leadership of this wonderful thing called ALS.

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  • May 30, 2018 at 10:21 pm

    Awesome beat down. Hey how long do you think it took kefir to Google Steve McQueen after reading this back blast? You know he doesn’t know who that is right

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