Like a Sauna

9 braved the post Memorial Day holiday blues and made their mornings more productive.

The Thang:

Quickest route to top of Lurker.
Partner A-down Lurker to lot for 20 merkins & 20 sumo jump squats. Back to top of Lurker.
Partner B- down Mega Tool to playground for 10 pull ups & 15 hanging knees to elbows. Back to top of Mega Tool.
10 partner handshakes at summit.
Flap Jack!
Complete as many reps as possible til Q calls time.


Small WIB crowd, but not unexpected with the long weekend.

8 gathered at the lot and found 1 more already on the Thang.  Take your guess at who that might’ve been.

3 total trips was the bench mark for most, which translated to about 4.3miles.  3 Lurkers + 3 Mega Tools is no joke when it’s 73 and 100% humidity.

Tommy Lee killed two birds this morning with his workout and community service by clearing the fallen limb from MT.  Good job!

Dibs had a partner to start, but then Boone went AWOL and never caught back up.  Doobie did his best to wake every dog along Lilac with his heavy hoofs.



Thanks to CT for the pain keys and Booney for taking us out and remembering our men and women who serve(d) our country.

Mr. Bo

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