Pardon Me

To be effective, “Pardon Me” needs to be said with a Wisconsin accent.


We started out with the following:


Arm Slap Merkins




Stagger Arm Merkins


Flapjack on the Stagger arm Merkins


Regular Merkins


Then on to far end of the stadium for a Jacob’s ladder. Because of concerns with the wet steps (Pardon Me), we switched to the stadium. Fewer steps I might add. After that, I looked at my watch. That caused the watch to go backwards 10 minutes (Pardon Me).


To the wall by the football field:

Angry Donkeys


Balls to the Wall/Hip slaps

Air Presses

Balls to the Wall/Toe Taps


To the football field:

A little Mary while I caught my breath. That’s when someone said: “F-Ewe: No one cares if you catch your breath. Pardon Me.” In a faux-Wisconsin accent that sounded like someone from Ohio.


Bear Crawl 10 yards

Crab Walk 10 yards

Bear crawl etc. to the 50 and backwards run to the start.


Pinball Wizard (The Who) was playing. (Yes, I brought the music.) At this point, I learned why I became an accountant. According to the guy from Ohio, Roger Daltrey learned how to play pinball from me. However, Rev switched out Roger’s toothpaste with Preparation H. You ask how this is possible as Rev would have been 2 at the time. As I learned from Rev, never let facts get in the way of a good story. When this happened, I forgot to say the magic words, “Pardon Me”, and so I had to escape to North Carolina and go into hiding as an accountant for the next 40 years.


Boerewors looked at his watch. This added another 10 minutes to the workout. “Pardon Me” doesn’t work quite as well with a South African accent.


The rest of the workout was:


Burpee broad-jump to the 25 and backwards run


Belly touch every 10 yards to the far goal line and backwards run. We did a ‘mon-back’. When John Deere got to the far goal line, we all returned back so as to shorten the amount of time John Deere got to rest.


Then repeat the Mary, Bear/Crab, Burpee/Broadjump and belly touch.


We headed back to the parking lot. Got a short AYG run in and 5 more minutes of Maria topped off with 5 OYO burpees.


Back-up broke out water for all of us. I never thought a non-alcoholic beverage could taste soooo gooooooood.


Rev provided our final words. Instead of a Ball of Man, we did a ‘imagine we’re actually close enough to touch each other’ Ball of Man.


Announcements: MIP this Saturday and every Saturday at the Charlotte Rescue Mission. Join us. Back-up, Rev and myself are frequent attendees but don’t let that stop you.


Back-up and Boerewors got the Q next week.




Retired from Duke Energy after 40 years as an accountant.

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