Pre-Blast: Speed For Need – American 4 Miler 7/4/2018

UPDATE 7/1/2018

Just a few more details with the race just days away:

  1. Register for the race. The link is everywhere.
  2. F3/Speed For Need tent will be right near the starting line. You can’t miss it. Race starts on Charlottetowne Ave – right near the Wendy’s. And Target. And Zoe’s Kitchen. And the greenway.
  3. Race starts 0730. Important: If you are pushing and SFN track commander, please arrive by 0630. We have asked all the TCs to arrive by 0645.
  4. Even more important: If this race is your first time pushing a Speed for Need chair, please arrive 0615 for training.

See everyone on Wednesday. Thanks for your support.


A year ago JRR Tolkien approached me about an idea for pushing special needs kids in custom racing wheelchairs. It seemed like a simple enough idea. Raise a little money; buy a chair; give a few kids a push, a fun event and a high five. Maybe give out some T-shirts and medals to celebrate. Speed For Need was born.

The story above is still an accurate description of Speed For Need, but it understates the impact of this effort everyone involved. Since our first race on 7/4/2017 we have pushed over 80 track commanders and involved more than 1000 men of F3Nation in this effort. Our presence at races has inspired others to get involved. Race directors reach out to help us join their event. People outside of F3 contact us to inquire about how to involve their child, their neighbor, and others in their community. People want to push, be pushed, and join the celebration.

Due to the tremendous support of F3Nation and the broader community SFN has touched more people than I ever expected. Instead of a couple of races a year in Charlotte, we are up to 8 racing chairs serving much more than our local region. Pax like DonHo, Scabby, Exit54, Lego, ToolTime have committed their time and energy to building SFN into an organization that can serve those with special needs across F3Nation. Metro, Area51, Lake Norman, Statesville, MECA, Lexington, Raleigh, Gastonia, Fort Mill and more – the men and regions of F3 continue to step up to support this cause.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because on 7/4/2018 SFN is celebrating the one year anniversary of our inaugural race. We will be running the American 4 Miler again – this time with all eight (8!) chairs in the Speed For Need fleet. Your job is to come be a part of the celebration. Sign up yourself. Sign up your family. Sign up your neighbors. Let’s bring a huge crowd from all over F3Nation out to support SFN’s track commanders and build momentum for the future.

Race details are below:

RACE EVENT: Run For Your Life American 4 Miler

WHO:       All F3 regions involved with Speed For Need

WHEN:   Wesnesday July 4, 2018 / 4 Mile race starts at 0730

WHERE: Metropolitan Complex/NewDominion Bank (address: 1111 Metropolitan Ave 28204 – Shark Tank AO)

WHY:      To commemorate the 1 year anniversary of Speed For Need and commit to making year two even more impactful.


TEAM:     F3 / SPEED FOR NEED (Discount Code: F3-5OFFS4N). Next price increase is 6/1/2018 – register now.

If you missed last year’s race or just want to remember what a great event it was, check out Tolkien’s video.

See you out there. Contact me if questions or if you want to help in any way.





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  • May 30, 2018 at 9:20 pm

    And stay tuned for details on pre-race F3 Nation convergence , led by Metro, similar to Patriot Festival pre-race convergence. See you there and thanks for the support!

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