Tank Impersonates SIB

Announcement was made Wednesday night that this would be FNG friendly…someone missed the “I’m totally full of it” emoji that accompanied that announcement and actually brought an FNG.  Cougar bait didn’t find this funny.  This was the first time getting the keys to Sharktank for YHC, adrenaline was flowing, here’s what we did:

Extra Credit

Curly, Maverick, Hillary and Checkpoint booked it down the greenway to Freedom Park and back with merkins and dips along the way so #teamrifty could catch up.  2 miles total.

Main Event

Picked up the group at HQ and hauled tail up Stonewall towards uptown with merkins and dips along the way.  Run ended at parking garage on Church St across from Mellow Mushroom – partner up.  Alternating partner carries and wheelbarrows up the ramps with hand release merkins, diamond merkins, and jump squats at the top of the ramps.  Mary on the roof to collect the six.  Run back down to 1st floor.  7s on the ramp with burpees at top and jump squats on bottom.  Time to head home, brisk pace back down Stonewall with more merkins and dips along the way.  Back at HQ with 4 minutes to spare, mary until time.  ~4 miles total.


  • 6 miles total for the PAX that put in extra credit.  Maverick and Curly were out front in EC and stayed there through the main event.
  • Voorhees and DIB looked strong and were out front on the ramps
  • Stinger and Gandalf set the tone on the brisk run up and back on Stonewall
  • YHC wants to be like Check, Hillary and LBJ when I grow up
  • Speaking of Hillary, he did not like the pace set in extra credit but he dropped the tee-shirt at HQ, put on his game face and crushed the main event
  • Welcome Goldberg who is in Charlotte for a summer clerkship and Cougar bait who is in town for a summer internship, hope to see you again
  • Only announcement, Mudrun 2019, Checkpoint is signing up teams
  • Snoop still doesn’t believe Sharktank is a running workout but he finished strong with an uplifting and positive takeout for the group this morning
  • Honor to lead this group, thanks to Curly for the keys to the #Tank

2 thoughts on “Tank Impersonates SIB

  • May 31, 2018 at 10:11 pm

    Strong lead Steroid! Aggressive pace the entire time, other than the 7’s on the ramp. Then we got to do burpees #notabreak. OOF!

  • June 1, 2018 at 7:23 am

    Steroid, I have to give you credit. That was a tough workout and we are all better because of it. Never mistake my bitching for hatred. All respect brother. Thanks for letting Team Rifty catch up after those sub 6 opening miles. Btw, Doobie is the real deal.

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