Holiday Hills

  1. Six of us got together in the Saturday before Memorial Day. Three did the six at six but they didn’t stick around. Rain was coming but we didn’t care.

The group headed to Nassau, ran up the hill 10 squats on top, 10 merkins in either side.  Second time it was 10 lunges on top and 5 burpees in either side.

Back to park, LBCs while we wait on the six. Then 11 up and down the hill at the stage. Dips at the bottom, plank jacks at the top.

Next over to the basketball court, partnered up for 200 LBC and merkins while partner ran up the road and back.

Little time left so Dolly’s until it was time and the sky opened up

FNG Thabeet is a UCONN guy and we were glad he came out.

Tebow took us out and reminded us of why we honor those who served on Memorial Day.

Thanks for letting me lead.

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  • June 2, 2018 at 10:06 am

    How is the ankle? Looked like a nasty twist on that dark sidewalk.

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