I would love to stand here & talk with you – but I’m not going to

An amazingly diverse population of 23 pax descended on Sedgefield Middle.  When the bell rang we launched…

Around the back of the school and over the Sparta Wall (only batted about.500 on this given MANY refused to even try).

Down to the track for another variation on a mile of pain – 4 laps with 4 stops each lap for different exercises = 5 burpees/10 dips/15 squats/20 merkins.

Mary to wait on the six: lbc’s, RF oblique crunches, freddy mercury.

Down to the playground in tramp stamp park for a round of double 7’s – pullups/dips at the playground and diamonds/jump squats at the stop sign at Elmhurst/Poindexter.  Every other trip up the hill to the stop sign is a backwards run.

Mary to collect the six – flutters, rosalita, russian twists.

10 pullups then out of the park & to the rock pile on McDonald.  Grab a coupon.

15 squat presses then up the grass hill, over the outfield fence & through the luxury box to the school for 15 dips on the wall.  Back down the road to your coupon.

Repeat the whole lap but start with 20 overhead presses.

Repeat lap again with 20 overhead presses.

10 diamonds/10 merkins/10 wide arms then backwards up the hill to the lot.  Burpees OYO until the six has done at least 5 (Missing De loved this!).  COT

Announcements – the pax miss Thin Slice and the leadership void created by his extended absence.  Mariah is your Q next Friday for what he assures us will be his final Metro post before the move to the Big Easy.


Nabisco gets the coveted gold star as he was consistently ahead of everybody.  Curly, Powell & Steroid were also flying and rounded out a stout lead group.  Cream Cheese appeared at the start of the 7’s claiming he’d been there the whole time. Good to have Paula out for a rare Sparta post, but he skipped the wall as the last time he tried it he scratched his arm.  Great to see Shredder back in action after a biking injury had sent him to the DL.  Taf lamenting the speed of those SOB’s 10-20 years younger AND of those exactly his age.  In a horrible breach of etiquette, YHC was forced to bump ‘bisco from next weeks Q so Mariah could continue to milk this whole relocation thing.  Lots of mumble chatter on the whereabouts of Slice – theories abound.  Come back to us – no questions asked.

4 thoughts on “I would love to stand here & talk with you – but I’m not going to

  • June 1, 2018 at 3:21 pm

    too many fences to cross
    otherwise, solid Q doobie
    aka site leader pro-tempore

  • June 1, 2018 at 4:32 pm

    ‘bisco was out front throwin ‘dem bows… and rocks…whatever it took!

  • June 1, 2018 at 5:19 pm

    Solid beatdown Doobie. As usual, lots of circuit work and steeplechase…anything to avoid cadence.

    In the interest of continuing to milk this whole relocation thing, if someone could bring a hand-truck to next week’s Sparta that would be great. Going to introduce a few new box lifting exercises, and perhaps some partner work in moving my patio furniture. #SYITG

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