KBs, AYGs, and More

10 faithful made it out for the 1st Combine Workout of June whether or not it included staying up to watch the ending of an incredibly entertaining NBA Finals Game 1 last night (Go Warriors). If you watched the game – you are probably still wondering what the f**k JR Smith was thinking with less than 5 seconds to go and to do what he did… After watching ESPN this afternoon, they compared this play to Russell Wilson throwing a pick in Super Bowl XLIX rather than handing it off to Beast Mode to win the game and to Zidane’s headbutt in the  2006 World Cup vs Italy….. yikes that’s bad company. But C’mon Man! Anyways enough of that, here is what we did this morning @ Combine.


Main Event

  • Burpees OYO
  • 30 X Swings, High Pulls, Curls
  • AYG Hot Lap around Dilworth back to home base
  • Partner up with similar size bell – Partner A Farmer Carry around school down Euclid, Partner B complete 5 HR Merkins to catch him (Switch)
  • Stop at bottom of Euclid for KB Exercises and Plank o Rama (30X Swings, High Pulls, Curls)
  • Continue Partner Farmer Carry/HR Merkin Combo to YMCA Parking Deck
  • Alternate Backward Run/Frontward every length till the top
  • Plank, Burpees at the top
  • Down the YMCA Parking Deck Stairs – Partner Up for Partner Carries (Partner A carries B up the hill then flapjack the second time up)
  • Partner Farmer Carry/HR Merkin Combo to Latta Park Fields
  • Plank 6 Inches Hold, AMRAP Swings
  • AYG with KB from fence to midway, completed Swings & more Burpees then AYG with Bell to the endline
  • AYG Belly Sprint Parking lot next to Field from Endline to Fence and back
  • Logged 3.5+ miles




  • Beautiful June morning for AYGs, KBs, and More.
  • Alibi showed up right before takeoff.
  • 10 Strong with an asterisk for Hillary – per usual. #Rifty
  • Had the pleasure of matching with Stinger and his 1000 lb bell, which was a lot of fun…He crushed the Farmer Carries and the KB Work.
  • Dredd #Rifty came back for more Kettlebell after leading a solid beat down last week.  Never a dull moment. Tell your fellow Rifty brother Checkpoint to come give Combine a shot.
  • Thoroughly enjoyed the post NBA Finals Game 1 Chatter after COT – glad to hear we have more anti LeBron supporters in Metro. #TeamSteph
  • Thrust and Tormund are strong.
  • Boba Fett and Foreclosure #Respect Duo was in full force.
  • Thank you FOTL for the strong Takeout.
  • Great work out there this morning fellas #TTP

Till next time.


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