Memorial Day weekend special

Even with threatening skies, we had half a dozen of Core’s finest. Familiar cars were in the parking lot.  One theory was several Core regulars were in training for an upcoming run.  The remaining men circled up in the parking lot.  Fortunately we had some excellent tunes provided by Do Re Mi!


The Thang:


SSH X 15

IW X 15

Sharon Towers X 15

Carolina Dry Dock X 15

Mountain climbers X 15


KB swings X 15

Tricep extensions X 15

Upright row X 15

Curls for girls X 15

Lawn mower (10 each arm)


Place KBs by the fence. Mosey to the picnic benches.

Step ups X 15 each leg

Dips X 15

Derkins X 15

Rinse & repeat –

total of 3 sets


Mosey back to fence, pick up KBs and head to parking lot. Partner up.

First partner does the designated exercise while partner 2 goes up one flight of stairs and run downs the ramp back to the pax. Switch the run and exercise with partners. Order of exercises:

Russian twists


Two hand press



Rinse & repeat – total of 2 sets


Move to the parking lot wall for people’s chair

Air presses X 30

Pass pax kettlebells down the line. Sent them back

Air presses X 30

Stand and pass pax kettlebells down the line (alternate right & left). Send them back

On your six

WWII sit ups X 15

LBC X 15

Heels to Heaven X 15

Oblique crunch both sides X 15






Ball of man



We were reminded of the Memorial Day convergence on Monday at Freedom Park. Motley will be the Core Q.  Valdez has the Q for Confessions tomorrow.  There was a great deal of excitement over the success of funds being collected for the AG facelift.  Once again, the men of Core come on strong.  Hoe Down took us out with words of wisdom and a reminder of what the Memorial Day weekend means.


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