Looking for hills in all the wrong places

Fresh off the beginning training session for The Bear run at Crowder’s Mountain, your Q was in search of hills which led us to Captain Jack who was greeted with 5 this warm Sunday morning.  This is what we did:

Quick warm-up with 10 x each of SSHs, Merkins and SSHs.  Warm up necessary to get our full contingent with Kieffer running a tad behind schedule.  Something about the Bulldogs and baseball?  This is what we did:

Run past Captain Jack along the Greenway to Trade Street, turn left up the hill.  Near the top of the hill turn right to run through the Bank of America parking lot, across 5th Street and up to the top of the Holiday Inn parking deck.  Did Peppers say he was thankful we did not run up the Mothership?

After a quick glimpse of Uptown CLT back down to the 3rd floor then cut across to the Mothership.  Turn right and up the corkscrew to the top.  From the top back down the parking garage to the third floor and down to the bottom via the corkscrew.

Back down Trade street to Captain Jack.  3.1 miles of fun and asphalt hills – when in Rome….

Did I say we were training  for The Bear Run?

Grateful for this day and this group of men!



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