Two cannibals are walking along the beach…

It’s always a pleasure to have Buzzcock upgrade and join the men of Core for a Saturday beat down. Today was no different as he took the opportunity to tell a joke about cannibals when YHC called for a 10 count.  Once he learned that at Core we do squats all the way down, he fit in perfectly.


Here’s The Thang:

We started with the usual:  SSH, IW, ST.  Then worked in some upper body work and some stretches.  No one complained about the work but the whining and gnashing of teeth over soe stretches was quite the spectacle (maybe it hurt where it rhymes?).

  • Merkins X 10 (slow with good form) then Left Foot 2 Left Han
  • Mountain Climbers then Right Foot 2 Right Hand
  • Merkins X 10 (slow with good form) then shoulder roles (20 X both, 10 X left, 10 X right)
  • Plank Jacks then toe touch

5 Burpees OYO then we moseyed to the track (because we don’t run in Core) for Native American Mosey with Bells 1 Lap.  5 more Burpees OYO and then we were ready for  Catch Me If You Can.  P1 ran 1 quarter of the track and stopped to do SSH while P2 performed 10 10 X merkins and then caught up.  I envisioned we would have quarter stops around the track but it ended up being about 6 which is fine.  For round 2 P1 did Peter Parkers and P2 did 10X jump squats.

Buzzcock passed on the first round because of his knee (perhaps he mistakenly thought Core was Silver Bullet?).  In round 1 he ran the track with two bells and in round 2 he jumped in to the CMIYC without telling anyone so the partners got all messed up.

We then took our bells to the field, completed 5 Burpees OYO and proceeded to perform 2 rounds of SHUT UPS X10 (Swings, Hammer Curls, Up Right Rows, Triceps Extensions, URR, Press Ups and Squats – goblet).

While we were on the soft wet grass YHC thought that we should get wet and dirty.

  • 10X  Makhtar N’Diaye OYO
  • Plank circle with Pax counting one at a time to 60
  • Elbow plank circle with Pax counting counter clockwise down from 6

We then moseyed to Playground for some Rocket Man 11’s. When mere mortal Pax do 11’s they do 10 + 1, then 9 + 2, 8 + 3 and so on.  Rocket Man does 11 of each exercise. You don’t get to be called Rocket Man for no reason so YHQ took his inspiration (Iron sharpens Iron) and called the following:

  • Round 1: 11 Donkey Kicks then 11 Dynamic Step Ups (5 sets)

We then took an interval training break to let our heart rates drop so we could bring them up again.  After a 60 second Brazilian Mind Bender Buzzy offered us his cannibal joke. After the groans and before proceeding to R2 we did 20 knees ups + twists in cadence just for fun.

  • Round 2: People’s Chair + 11 Air Presses then 11 Dirkins (5 sets)
  • Round 3:  5 sets of 11 X Dips

Mosey back to parking lot and circled up for Mary.

  • 20 Polish Twists w KB IC -with long, slow, holds of varied times to make sure the pax were getting mentally strong as well as physically
  • 10 Louganis w KB OYO
  • 60 count Planks

We ended with stretches LF to LH then followed RH to RF and a series of toe touches.

No announcements. We named FNG Kingsford due to his former career of importing high-end charcoal from South America.  I wanted to go with Big Green Egg but the Pax were set on Kingsford and so it was.

YHC took us out and it was off to coffeeteria for a well earned break before honey dos and various forms of family time.


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