Fertile Crescent

Humidity was low, confidence was hi, and off we go.

The Thang:

Mosey right out of lot onto Carmel to left on Colony to left on  Carmel Crescent.   Circle for quiet SSH x15 IC, birdfeeders x10 each side OYO, IW x10 IC, cotton pickers x10 IC.  Split the pax in half.  One group diamonds x10 at each of 4 streetstreets and at end.  Other group same but wide arms x10 at the 5 stops. Both mosey back to Carmel Crescent for the 6.  Flapjack.  Next round Carolina Dry Docks x10 on north stops and Chuck Norris’s x10 to the south.  Flapjack.  Various plankorama including a 10count by OneEye… Partner up by speed.  Split up and run to each end for diamonds x20 and return for partner handshakes x10.  Flapjack.  Freddy Mercury’s while awaiting the 6.

Mosey back to Carmel Park parking lot to the now-permanent rock pile.  Choose a lifting rock.  Bent Over Rows x10 IC, Overhead Press x10 IC, and another Bent Over Row x10 IC.  Mosey to the jungleless gym and grab anything to do pullups- AYG to exhaustion.  Other pax grab wall for dips while awaiting a pull-up spot.  Mosey to football field.  Partner1 inchworm across field, partner2 run to what in Indianapolis would be called a hill (on the far sideline).  Run the hill backwards and return to partner1 to switch duties.  Repeat ad nauseum until the 40-minute mark.  Mosey to church parking lot.  From bottom of lot, suicide with 2 stops: half way and to end.  10count from Aqua and one last AYG to end.  Fin.

Nekkid Man Moleskin:

Poor scheduling from YHC as launch was about 26 hours after my final brewski from annual Cincinnati friends mancation.  YHC should be hydrated by Thursday… turns out there isn’t a sidewalk on Carmel across from the church… I counted 260 various merkins at Carmel Crescent.  Some talk of 1000 over the weekend by a monkeyfeet outfit.  that’s just dumb.  and well done… Carmel Crescent has several positive characteristics including location, green space, and that smoooooke show that flew by somewhere in the middle.  YHC thought possible mirage but confirmed by Swiper… All this merkin talk had to be counteracted by work on the back- bent over rows and pullups.  That’s the worst workout jungleless gym in south charlotte… “Half way” up the church parking lot is more like 70% and its the crappy part, the slow incline… the pax made it 60-70 yards on the inchworm.  What will be most sore on Tuesday- inchworm core, birdfeeder hammies, Chuck Norris knuckles?  Despite the pre-blast tweet, Kuechly was not included in today’s thang.  Next time.


-DMZ  5yr anniversary is 1 week from today, June 11.  Fishwrap is among the Q’s,  suck factor will be high, and much much more

-This year July 4th fell on a Wednesday, me and ghetto boys were trick r treatin.  American 4 Miler that day.  Sign up and run with Egypt and Need for Speed- it’s 1yr anniversary of NFS.

Take out by Swiper- always covers the bases but no blessing on groin health?

Aqua- thx for the opportunity.

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