Getting wedgie with it

A nice, cool fall morning welcomed 13 to the Phoenix.



Down Park towards the corner of Dilworth Rd East/West, with 5 burpees along the way.

COP warm up with SSH, Squats, and Diamonds


Over Romany to the bottom of the Dead Presidents Wedge, partner up.

Zipper up to the top at East Blvd with 20 hand slap merkins and 20 partner sit ups each at each cross street (4)

Back down, repeat.


Mary while the pax waits for the Q/6


Back Romany all the way to DES for some disorganized and very rushed 1/2 field sprints and squats


COT on George Shinn Court right on time.



Much like the renegade workout that is the zombie-HHM(HD), the men of Phoenix do what they want apparently.  Some highly questionable merkin counts going on this morning, but this thing ain’t a race and if 160 merkins is too much for a Monday, hey, do what you want and either way, you’re better off for even showing up.  Strong work by Lee/Paula and Doobie/Dover who would have passed a corporate audit (oh, Hi LeeTM, did we pass?).  I had much more trouble planned but ran way out of time, so sorry I short-changed you on the field work (did you know today is Dilworth Elementary Field Day? It is!).  Don’t worry, I’ve got the Q at Bandit and Sparta this week too…so plenty more hijinks in store.  Its my last week in F3 Metro before moving down to the big sweaty easy, so I promise we’ll hit all the favorite stops and you’ll be glad to see my ass leaving town.


While F3 NOLA is awesome and many of us have visited them and been welcomed over the years, I’m going to sorely miss Charlotte and the regular F3 Metro workouts I’ve been a part of the past 4 years.  I am undoubtedly a stronger, humbler, grateful and better man for having known all of you and being pushed and sharpened day in and day out, both in the gloom and in life.  As Pate reminded me in COT today, I was a very easy EH and haven’t looked back since.  However, we all know men in our neighborhoods and at work who need that push or pull, and would benefit from F3. So while I’m getting all misty and feeling appreciative these days, I’d ask that we all remember to  keep this great thing growing and EH that new, special someone.  There are plenty more ridiculous nicknames to go around.


Thanks for the keys, Pate, but no thanks at all for wearing F3 short-shorts (almost made me audible away from the partner sits up!)


Until next time…





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