A good time was had by all at last Saturday’s MIP workout.  We continue to get a strong showing from new members almost every Saturday, and this time was no exception.  We had our usual suspects there of course, but a good bunch of newcomers too.  I think we made them all feel welcomed.  Here is what went down:

START Stretch shoulders + Hamstring + ITB + belly >> SSH
Tunnel (2X) Peoples Chair w Air Presses / Donkey Kicks
Deck 10X/2X countdown + run loop: Plank Jacks / Merkins
Deck Plank hip slaps / JumpSquats / bird dogs / Rosalitas / dying cockroach / dollies / Rock Hoppers / Reverse Plank heel taps
END Stretch shoulders + Hamstring + ITB + belly

We had a pretty nice day for it, not too hot, but fairly humid.  We all worked hard, but kept the pacing moderate.  It was really great to see all the support for the new pax, in the form of  circling back to support the six, helping lead the group, etc.  Terrific to see such teamwork.

We had our usual FNG naming (new names in parentheses above), and then the standard takeout, which is anything but standard and is actually the chief reason we all keep coming to this outstanding workout.

It gives me joy and satisfaction to lead this fine bunch, and to have even a 45 minute opportunity to lock arms and spirits with such courageous men.


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