Keep it Movin’

28 posted to #AchillesLastStand on a perfect springish morning. Little did they know we were gonna cover some ground. We started with…

Tha Thang
-Mosey to Senator Ramos’ Office for COP (SSH x25, IW x20, MC x20, CS x15, 5 burpees penalty for Kiefer being late)
-11s down the street with merkins and squat jumps. This took way too long.
-Run up Runnymede to MPHS entrance. Plankorama to gather the pax.
-Audible out of planned burpee suicides up the MP driveway. #YoureWelcome
-Bear crawl across lower 40
-10 pull-ups, 10 step ups, 10 derkins at playground.
-Mosey to the Map for Mary (Rosalita, oblique L/R, Freddy Mercury)
-Up Robert plant to side of old Selwyn for Peoples Chair w/arm presses and balls to the wall with 5 hip slaps.
-Mosey across Harper Valley, backwards run down to entrance road. Plankorama to gather.
-Backwards run up to Folsom Prison for 10 dips, 10 derkins and a trip up the stairs.
-Over to the field. Squats while we wait then 10x merkins and 25x SSH
-Audible out of more Mary on the wet field. Cross the crowded track to reconvene at AG front porch.
-Dolly, protractor, flutters
-Mosey to the temple for 5 burpees
-Down to the pull em up bars. 10 overhand, 10 underhand, 10 inclines.
-Back to home base for 50x LBC to finish

Nekkid talk:

*So YHC thought it would be “fun” to try and hit all of the various parts of the massive Selwyn/AG AO, where we normally do stuff. We only covered 2.1 miles, even if it felt like more. Mission mostly accomplished. We hit about every place on campus except for Senator Ramos’ Annex and anything up at MPHS, which is technically outside our boundaries. Technically. We kept it moving today, not staying in one place very long. We had places to be. Hopefully it kept your heart rate up the whole time as well.

*Also, I originally signed up to Q Attila this Friday, then realized I can’t make it but wanted to get one more Q in before hitting #Respect this Saturday, so grabbed the reins at the best Tuesday Core+ workout in F3 Metro. I didn’t subject the pax to 50 burpees or even 50 SSH, but ended up throwing in 50 LBCs at the end while running out the clock.

*Speaking of Core (Plus)+, in its by-laws, ALS is designated as a Core + workout, so while there’s #NoRunningatCore, there is plenty of running at Core +. Just sayin’

*A few notable #Kotters in the pax today, including Mr. Green and Angler. Angler even brought his Entourage. His son Sandbagger was with him as well as an FNG, now known as Mrs. Robinson. Apparently his mom used to date Angler. We went with the Mrs. R handle quickly before suggestions spiraled out of control. At least Nibbler wasn’t there to suggest Porno, but thanks to Tantrum for picking up his slack.

*Today’s playlist was mostly a bunch of my favorite tunes or favorite bands. Hey, I’m the Q and it’s almost my birthday, so why not?
-The Spirit of Radio (Rush)
-Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana)..BTW Kiefer told me he was the boy on the album cover…hmmmm.
-Good Times Bad Times (Sammy Hagar cover)
-Already Gone (Eagles)
-You Wreck Me (Tom Petty)
-Just What I Needed (The Cars)..see note below
-Everlong (Fooooo Fighters)
-Heaven or the Highway Out of Town (The Refreshments)
-Interstate Love Song (STP)
-My Hero (Foos)
-Dim (dada)
*While Kiefer was running next to me, he noted that the Cars song (which came out in 1978) sounded a lot like “Stacy’s Mom”, which came out in 2003. Pretty impressive for Kiefer, considering that the guys who wrote “Stacy’s Mom” did it as an homage to The Cars and 80s new wave in general, so yes, Kiefer they sound a lot alike. Well done. Expect The Holdouts to do a mashup of the two songs in the future.

*Belk has shingles. Keep him in your prayers and get your shingles shot!
*GAAP has the Q at Fortress Friday on his 55th bday.

Shatner with a great takeout as always.

It is a great way to start the day leading the CORE Studs at #ALS. Strong work from ages 30-79 today.
Have a great week!

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