The Whole Shebang

We kept with the recent Young Guns theme this morning and slogged through the second running of The Whole Shebang.  At least it was cool this morning.  Here’s what went down.

Head straight into the park, and go directly to the playground next to the train and start the circuit.

  • 10 pull ups at the playground and then across the bridge to the stairway to heaven.
  • 20 dips and up the stairs and around to the rails for 10 supines.
  • Head to the bottom of The Lurker for 5 burpees
  • Up The Lurker with 10 Chgerkins (Thanks Lee) at each of the two speed humps
  • 15 sumo jump squats at the top
  • Back down The Lurker and back around past the owl bars to the playground and repeat.

Depending on where you are in the circuit, head back to the lot between 6:05 and 6:10 for COT.

Shooting for 4-5 rounds each.

A Few Random Observations:

That sucked again the second time!  Get a little taste of everything with this one.  Although this circuit tends to spread the PAX out a bit, it appeared that most of the group got in 3-4 rounds, and a handful squeaked out 5 rounds.  Shockingly, Lee was hot out of the gate.  May have even had a false start across East Blvd.  Steroid and YHC could barely hang on and keep up with him, just to make it to the playground.  When Lee had a slight misstep and started heading toward the owl bars, we thought our window of opportunity had been opened.  Wrong!!  It was quickly slammed shut.  Lee was trapped in his own lonely circuit of suck for the rest of the morning, as all we could do was essentially grunt at him as he met us coming down the Lurker as we were going up.  Monster effort from Lee as usual.  Once Lee had dropped us all, YHC was just trying to keep up the same pace as animal #2, Steroid.  At one point, he fell behind a little bit coming back down the Lurker.  YHC was thinking he had run out of gas a bit.  Incorrect.  He somehow managed to run out of one of his shoes.  Guess when you are running that fast it can happen.  Maybe tie them a little tighter.  Not to worry, he was soon right on my arse.  Boone said he also had a lonely experience this morning hanging in the vicinity of Doobie and ChairThrower.  Not sure how that makes one lonely.  Must have been low on conversation, and high on clip clop of Doobie’s hooves.  Jeeves and Icehole seemed to be having a stimulating conversation going at every turn, and Icehole may have the best burpee form in all of Metro.  No shortcuts for that guy!  Great to have Smokey back at WIB this morning.  He and Kit stayed together and pushed hard the whole time.  Tormund hasn’t been messing around the past few days.  Today was 5 in a row for him, including 7 trips up the Mutha yesterday.  Strong work!  Solid crew all the way around today.

Want Ad apparently pulled a hammy early into the workout this morning, and must have made it back to home base.  Looked like he was hurting pretty bad, so hope you are okay brother.  Keep Boy Scout’s friend, Bill Palmer, in your prayers.  Seems that he was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor and faces a difficult situation.  Always great to have a solid takeout by Smokey.  Thanks again.  Great to see you out this morning.

Thanks again for the keys CT.  Always an honor.


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