Fewer Reps, Better Form

Posted on behalf of Rock

The Thang

  • Grassmats w/ mega burpees
  • Run to Carmel Middle entrance for dips, derkins, rinse, repeat
  • Run to the track (Clear Eyes, Full Heart, Cougar Pride)
  • Jerkins and a hot lap
  • Mary (flutters, Freddie Mercuries, heels-to-heaven, protractors, LBCs – 6 inches between each) and a hot lap
  • Baryshnikovs, slow squats and a hot lap
  • Diamonds, wide arms, stagger left and right and a hot lap
  • Back to the building for people’s chair with arm presses x 3
  • One more round at the picnic benches
  • AYG home for 1 minute of mega-burpees #ClockKiller


  • YHC announced we would do fewer reps so focus on form – no a$$es in the air. T-claps to the PAX.
  • Welcome to the party, Titled Kilt. And congrats on the upcoming wedding in Scotland.
  • Welcome back, Benefactor aka Happy Lizard. There aren’t many Hokies who YHC is happy to see.
  • Titan called this an old-school beatdown. #Flattering. He was also a Larry Bird all morning. Anyone who wants to get faster might want to consider his heart condition-recovery program.
  • Speaking of Larry Birds, Chalet was lonely.
  • Don’t forget today is the anniversary of D-Day. We should honor those troops and live up to their standards.
  • Thanks for the keys, AF. You run a tight ship.


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