GAAP Angels

Awesome morning for a run. 65 degrees with low humidity and a pax needing to stretch their legs a bit.

Really all we do is run, so you can skip to the NMM if you would like. 3+ miles this morning for the core runners.

COP of SSH, Merkins, Copperhead Squats and Sharon Towers in cadence. About 15 of each as YHC recalls.

Left  onto Radcliffe as we left MPTS, down the hill to Queens Rd West with quick right and then another right at the East/Kings/Queens light.

Head up the hill with a slight right at Hopedale and stop at the benches in front of MP Methodist parking lot. Quick round of 15 dips and crunches in cadence.

Cross over to Providence, down to Cherokee, then right at Biltmore and all the way down to the bottom. Stop just long enough to do some curbside calf raises, squats and LBCs in cadence.

Cross Providence and head down Hanson, right at Hampton, then left at Malvern and up the big hill to Sharon Rd. Right on Sharon to MP Baptist church. Fast group head over to Wellesley via Roswell, others head up Queens East and cross Selwyn to Radcliffe for a race back to the barn.

COT with takeout by DRM.


Keiffer running with the fast guys on the way in. Nuff said!!

Welcome back Norwood. Don’t get lost so much. Come back soon.

GAPP can make some interesting sweat angels. He thinks they look like Charles Atlas with that chiseled “V” upper body. DRM thinks he was looking at it upside down.

Quiet group today although YHC did hear M&M talking at one point. Run with Keiffer and you will have to talk.

SB was on fire this morning. Out front looking for a girl that can catch a beer in a cup, right?

All done. Thanks for the privilege.

C you real soon, Y because we love you!

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