Lets Have a Bag & a Block, and Take Our Sweet Time

COP in the parking lot: IC – Parker Peter x10, Low Slow Squat x10, Merkin x20

Take off down Montclair, stop at corner of Chandler for Merkin x20 IC

Partner up, size, speed and strength all matter: Run opposite directions and 10 jump-over burpees each (elbow plank) when you meet in the middle and back at the start

LBCs on the 6

Mosey to Rutledge/Randolph — Partners run down Rutledge to Providence, Partner Derkins x20 at each intersection (120 total). Believe that Sauerkraut & Partner (sound off) took the prize

Flutter to gather, mosey up Providence to the hotbox

Each partner grab a block and a sandrockbag

Complicated instructions: Each partner runs to “pullup” end of the HB and does jacob’s ladder (1-7 reps) of burpee pullups, alternating each round with partner. While waiting, do 5 sandbag snatches, then WWII situps until your partner returns. 28 burpee pullups, 35 snatches and maybe 100+WWII situps total

So this workout had a nice little pace to it prior but once we entered the HB it became a slow grind like the title song. The burpee pullup/snatch combo was ruthless and I saw all kinds of variations – LBCs, clean/press, thruster, press, curl, LBCs, even the bench press!  BTW the block was for another combo to follow but we ran out of time and it will have to wait until next time. Time to mosey back to launch

I did not hear much chatter. Coach asked about IWs, but he was kidding. I initially thought Pitino was Nibbler. There were two Grizzlies there, with no explanation. Grizzly the site Q is concerned about his rockbags holding up, I can relate to his concerns and admire his focus

No big secret this is a great group and great Q spot. Thanks to Grizz and Big Worm for the warm welcome and I’ll be back as long as the sign-up genius stays open. Newport took us out and there is a big DMZ 5th anniversary convergence on Monday 6/11 at Carmel Road Park. Fish and Mermaid are the Qs

2 thoughts on “Lets Have a Bag & a Block, and Take Our Sweet Time

  • June 7, 2018 at 5:18 am

    For posterities sake, the winner of the Rutledge Race was Grizzly and Coach #posteritymatters

    As for the bags, a plan is in the works…

  • June 7, 2018 at 9:29 am

    well done. Photo finish on Strava. Hot Lips and I did not see it live.

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