The Kerfuffle

20 were present for this mornings RAnGEr show and they would not be disappointed.


Run to Castle, up stairs, lunge walk to other side, down stairs.
Dips & Merkins IC on Castle wall.  sets of 12 / 10 / 8.
Run to Lizy Lurker.  To the top with stops at each cross walk (8 btw) for 12 merkins.
Run to UrgentCare stairwell.  Down to bottom (problematic), then back up to top for 25 LBC’s IC.  Back down.
Run to 4th St CPCC deck for stairs and 25 bicycles on top.  Back down.
Run to bottom of Lizy Lurker.  Backwards run to Charlottetown with 10 merkins at each crosswalk.
Run to Castle, up stairs, 25 LBC’s IC at top.  Back down.
Head back via jumping the Eliz outfield fence, 5 burpees at home plate and up the stone stairs.


Dredd immediately points out last lead of YHC’s @ RAnGEr was “kerfuffle” with early COT call, but not this go ’round as I waited for the bell to ring before starting the watch.  YHC had everything under control.  But, speaking of time, it was only a matter of time before this group found something to sink its claws in.

All was going along smoothly.  YHC was smoked after the dips and merkins (5 mins in).  Lee and Mav were up front pushing me along.  Thin Slice was reminiscing about his Philly days?  Snoop was barking!  Boone and Cindy were standing around talking.

Then we got to the UrgentCare center.  Single file works great for going down to the basement level, but who says this group would file down the stairs in a single file?  As soon as YHC and the leaders made the turn to head back up, the kerfuffle began again.  The pax resembled the band in Animal House after Stork led them into the dead end alley.  And let YHC attest that the acoustics in a sealed off stairwell are the perfect place for mumble chatter as it was loud and abundant.  But we pushed through only to find the top of the stairs had no exit.  Deja vu!

After getting out of the stairwell, we mozied to the top while Hillary tried giving me some words of encouragement.  After some LBC’s, we headed for the stairwell door, which YHC was positive was going to be locked.  But, the Mighty Sky Q smiled at me this time and we were able to access the stairs and we even managed to take the right exit without having to back track.

Smooth sailing from here on as all went back to normal.  Lee and Swamp were up front.  Snoop was barking.  And the cool kids took a shortcut back to home base to avoid burpees and jumping a fence.


-There is some race 360 days away, I’m sure you’ll hear about it.
-Hillary got some sort of young Chewbacca compliment at his Ideal Image appt?
-Mav heads off soon (didn’t pick up on when), so the impatient Slaughter nominated him to take us out.  Thanks Mav!
-If you’re looking for more good times like this, YHC has the Midwood Q on Sat directly after Permanti’s virgin 6@6 Q.
-Thanks CMD for putting me on the rotation even though you’re getting some slack for it…great artist like YHC are never appreciated during their lifetimes.

Mr. Bo

2 thoughts on “The Kerfuffle

  • June 6, 2018 at 2:11 pm

    Harrison Ford thought the workout was on the easy side but nice work on the BB.

  • June 6, 2018 at 6:50 pm

    Mr. Bo – you belong in the rotation. Great Q. Always good to burnout the tri’s with dips and derkins at the start.

    Happy Birthday Hillary! Harrison Ford is 75, how young was the receptionist going?

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