A Wager Lost

20 PAX showed out this morning at the Shark Tank.  It was a diverse group of old and new faces alike.  Here’s what we did.


  • Mosey down Kings and hang a right on Charlottetowne.  Cross over 3rd and 4th streets and into CPCC Deck #2 for 2 rounds of the following.
  • 10 merkins at the bottom of the stairs, then up the stairs to the top.
  • Run across the top deck to the middle for 15 sumo jump squats.
  • Down the opposite stairs to the bottom for 5 burpees.
  • Mosey back on Charlottetowne and Kings to pick up the 5:30 crew.

Main Event:

  • Quick COP in the lot with SSH x 15 and merkins x 10.
  • Mosey down the greenway, across Morehead, and continue down Romany to find our old friend Waverly Ave.
  • 7’s to the top of Waverly.  Wide Arms at the bottom and sumo jump squats at the top.
  • Plankorama and mary waiting on the 6.
  • Mosey back down Romany and over to our favorite MegaDeck for some circuit work.
  • Up the ramp with 5 shoulder tap merkins at both plateaus and the top.  Back down the ramp and up the stairway to heaven to the top for 5 burpees.
  • Repeat the same circuit with 10 shoulder taps each each stop on the ramp, and 10 burpees at the top of the stairway to heaven.
  • Mary waiting on the 6.
  • Back down the stairs, out of the deck, and mosey down Kenilworth to the intersection of Kenilworth and Harding Place on the other side of Kenilworth, not the usual side.  5 diamonds at the intersection, then up Harding Place to the top where Greenwood Cliff and Harding Place form a point.  5 diamonds at the point, then down Greenwood Cliff to Kenilworth for 5 diamonds.
  • Plankorama and mary waiting on the 6.
  • Cross Kenilworth and up the other side of Greenwood Cliff and over to the bridge onto the greenway.
  • Head back home down the greenway to the lot for COT.

Naked Moleskin:

Rolled into the lot this morning around 5:10 to find one black SUV in the lot already, but no one in or around the vehicle.  A couple minutes later the bearded Keanu Reeves wearing a hat backwards came running towards me.  Pretty frightening!  Oh wait, it’s only Fishwrap with longer hair and less beard.  Still pretty frightening, plus now I knew I would be leading from behind most of the morning.  Strong group to Q in front of this morning, with the likes of Fish, Steroid, Microslice, Voorhees, and Checkpoint in the PAX.  Fish, Voorhees, and Steroid crushed the Waverly 7’s. (#damnlongasshill)  Slaughter complained about it being hot and stuffy in the MegaDeck.  It was cool this morning, so it will only get worse in the coming months.  Same crew pretty much led the PAX during the circuits, with Freefall showing us one of his signature bursts of speed that you know will happen at some point.  A few not so familiar faces this morning.  Great to see the likes of Stogie, Wake Up Call, Freefall, Fuzzy, and Training Wheels.  We need to see you more often, like every week.  Saw Mutiny yesterday at Bandit for one of Mariah’s final Qs during his farewell tour.  Mutiny was talking about being fat and out of shape, and generally not very motivated.  You’ve all heard it.  I let him know that I had the Q today at Shark Tank, and said he should come out.  He said the odds were slim to none, to which I responded, “I won’t make any wagers that you will show.”  Wrong!  He showed and worked his a$$ off.  Slaughter also accused me of just making stuff up at one point, when we stopped at the other side of Harding Place.  But no, this was new territory I planned to check out.  Those are veeerrry long hills by the way. (OOF!)  I see future visits.

Don’t forget the American 4 Miler on July 4th if you are in town.  It’s the anniversary of the first Speed for Need race, and it sounds like possibly 8 chairs will be in use that day.  Looking for a huge presence from the PAX.

Thanks to MMOB for another solid take out.  We all have so much to be thankful for and so much to give.

Always an honor.



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