20 showed up and here we go…


Into the park, and circle up by the train.

  • COP: SSH, Squats, Merkins, Mountain climbers


Over the bridge and around to base of Hill of Hills:

  • 7s with diamonds at bottom and wide arms at top
  • Around lake with 5 mtn climbers and 5 squats alternating at every light pole.


Up Princeton to playground gazebo for:

  • 20 dips
  • 10 derkins
  • 20 dips
  • 10 derkins
  • 10 dips
  • 5 derkins (smoked)


Backwards up Megatool and forwards down the Lurker, gathering for Mary at the bottom:

  • Flutters, Russian Twist, Dolly, Oblique Crunch


Mosey down and into park, flyby of Panthers Park, and onto the soccer fields.

Line up on end line:

  • Single count Bearpees for the length of soccer field, AYG back. (1 burpee followed by a four count/step bear-crawl)
  • Double count Bearpees length of field, AYG back. (2 burpees followed by a eight count/step bear-crawl) and AYG back
  • 20 Squats and merkins I/C to catch our breath
  • Lunge walk to half-field, AYG to end line
  • One more lap of Bearpees for the length of soccer field, just for good measure


Mosey back to gravel lot, right on time.



YHC carefully analyzed and broke-down the backblasts for Big Hair and WIB to ensure I was keeping things fresh for the pax and not repeating anything already checked off this week, but Slaughter and Curly didn’t leave much on the shelf.

Curly, Toga and Nabisco were out front on the 7s and setting the pace all morning.  This was YHC’s last Q at Freedom Park in a while, so a few necessary visits were needed to the Hill of Hills, Princeton playground and Megatool/Lurker, but it was a predictable precursor to the last 20 minutes down on the flats.

With much of the AO’s juicy spots already plundered by Slaughts and Curly, I was forced to get creative and pull out something that failed so miserably last time, that I was shamed into never even mentioning it’s rueful name again…but then it came, whispered on the humid air at 5:55am landing softly on the ears of 20 regretful men.  The Bearpee.  Something so dumb only a guy on his way out the door would even consider (re)introducing it to the critical audience that are Bandit regulars.  We did a lot of them – 3 soccer fields’s worth – and now its back in the bag and it will be someone else’s fault if it ever raises it’s ugly beast head again.  Sayonara.


Announcements:  American 4 Miler – info on the website.


Thanks for the opportunity to lead today…20 guys all pushing hard with ages ranging from 20 to 67.  How cool is that?


Until next time (which is tomorrow at Sparta),




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