Beautiful day in the ‘hood

YHC does not do EC.  He doesn’t.  The internal alarm is perfect for a 5:30 post.  5:15 seems nearly impossible.  It’s not the hour.  Saturday’s at 7 are great too.

Anywho… alarm goes off.  I find Tardy and Hollins hanging out in the lot.  Stinger is lurking behind his truck doing some kind of shady stretching.  At 5:15 left lot for some EC.

Mosey to Westbury.  Stop at every pole on the right for 5 plank jacks, all the way to Sharon Amity.  Mosey over to hotbox.  Grab a coupon.  4 rounds. Run across lot for 5 pull-ups, back for 10 alternating coupon pushups.

Head back to pick up the rest of the crew, now time for pleasantries, run right through and hit the ground for the main event.

Head up hill, between church and preschool, back to Providence Prep lot for COT.  Normal stuff, SSH, squats, merkins, heels to heaven.

Head to Rutledge.  Head toward Randolph stopping at each street for 7’s.  Burpees and get-ups.  Sucky.

Head back to Providence with more 7’s.  This time with hand release merkins and jump squats.  Not as sucky, but still sucky.  Head back to Providence Prep lot again.

This time for some Jack Webb’s with shoulder taps #crowdpleaser.  Made it to 5 and started back down, but #ifyoucantqitdontdoit

Do some mary. Head to hotbox.  Partner up.  Nothing really matters.  Grab one coupon per group.  Partner 1 does curls.  Partner 2 runs down for 5 pull ups.  Group must hit 200… err… 100 curls.

Quick lap around to catch some fresh air.

Quick round of wall sit with coupon and donkey kicks.  Load up coupons head out again.  Not before Sandals finds us.

Quick AYG and bring it home.

NMM – Good group.  Fast group.  Nothing like killing a perfectly cool morning with a trip to the hotbox.  It was warm.  The Jack Webb’s were a hit too.  Hat tip to Orange Whip for that one….

DMZ 5 year anniversary Monday.  Fishwrap and Mermaid have the Q.  Carmel Road Neighborhood Park.

Thanks for the keys Hollins.  Bastion will put you in your place.  Get some.


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