Nine upperclassman (don’t believe the fake news tweet claiming there were eight) graduated with honors today at Pick 6.  The Commencement ceremony started at Ben & Jerry’s and reached Spackler’s before returning home.

Love Bug earned Valedictorian honors while Titan was Salutatorian.  Both took the hardest class load (6 miles). Slim Jack & YHC took the 5 1/2 mile program with Slim Jack barely breaking a sweat.

You know the students who are bad influence on others?  Cuda and Mr. Green played that role today.  Despite YHC’s long hours putting together three options for today, they ignored my efforts and did as they pleased. Sadly, FOD and Day-Z were easily influenced and followed their lead.  Aquafresh showed up late and ran a shorter route than planned.

Today was an epic version of Pick 6.  If you don’t believe me, then post next week and see for yourself.

Next week, Cuda is having a House Party.  Look for the Dannequin ….



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