Bad Idea Jeans

Bad Idea Jeans- a memorable SNL commercial spoof with all kinda bad ideas.  Only time will tell if an F3 relay race is a bad idea.

The Thang:

Mosey out the portal, easy frogger across street to the fountain.  COP: SSH x20 IC, birdfeeders x5 each OYO, IW x15 IC.  Let’s play the square: 1 side broad jumps, 1 side karaoke left, backwards run, karaoke right.  Repeat.  Square squared: 1 side lungewalk, side shuffle left, backwards run, side shuffle right.  Repeat.  Plank for the 6 (YHC).

Mosey down Cameron Valley to the small medical building on left- not the biggy ER one.  Split up in 2 teams- relay race around the D-shaped road around building back to pax on corner.  Meanwhile on the corner, pax perform various plankorama and mary.

The kids wanted upperbody so upperbody they would get.  handrelease merkins x10 IC, CarolinaDryDocks x10 IC, diamonds x10 IC, mary interlude,  handrelease merkins x10 IC redo, widearms x5 IC.

Mosey back to the fountain.  Broadjumps past the fountain.  A more difficult frogger across street and back to Sharon.  Mosey around the nature track to the jungleless gym.  Team1 pullups to exhaustion, team2 plank.  Flapjack.  Repeat.  Mosey around the track, hurdle the chain… Fin.


Bad Idea Jeans- old SNL- I liked Kevin Nealon and Phil Hartman (RIP) just as much as Spade, Sandler, Farley back in the day.  There.  YHC said it. Here u go:

YHC thought the relay race idea would end badly only if pax got competitive and started pulling hammys.  Turns out the relay route was too long.  YHC thinks best is a down and back route- come to think of it- once we successfully raced at casbah in a parking garage.

Only 24 hours in a day and only 45min in a bootcamp.  Attempts at new fun means old favorites left behind: kuechlys, chuck woolerys, makhtars (Mr D was ready), sprint repeats.  Next time.

Broad jumps were a crowd favorite.  Had to run em back at the end… the pax can thank SilentBob for going light on upperbody.  Glad he could perform most, modify some, and be seen in the gloom… And Bene is back at it.  Hopefully the foot holds up with his #rubSomeDirtOnIt medical approach… In an upset, Hamlet out-funnied FilmFest on the day (at least from what i heard).  Tough for anyone to do… LoveBug didnt LIFO!


– DMZ 5yr anniversary – Monday 0530 for bootcamp with Q’s including Mermaid and Fishwrap.  Aquafresh will undoubtedly be there.  YHC also.

– Awesome reminder by Blackjack that F3 is to be appreciated.  YHC took it as a reminder to EH to the max.

OneEye stepped up for the take out.

Thanks to Bene for including me in a fine AO.

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  • June 8, 2018 at 7:48 pm

    For the record, that race was awesome. My partner,McGee, and Agony battling it out on the last “lap”, all the way to the bottom of the deck and back up.

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