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10-20-30-40-50-40-30-20-10 w/ burpees, push press, goblet squats, lawnmowers, swings and back down.

Run hot mile around park.

To Dilworth fields- Upright rows, goblet squats, swings. Fence and back, end of field and back.

Playground work- 10-15-20 x2; pullups, derkins, hanging knee ups.

Down Euclid to bottom. 10 merkins, sprint to top.

30-30-30, 25-25-25; J Lo’s, RT’s with KB, bicycles with reach.

Fence and back, end line and back. Swings. Fence and back. Back to Parking lot. 3 miles.

NMM: Narc has this workout on auto pilot with a solid rotation of Q’s. This group comes to work. KC had me smiling inside today. We were 5 minutes into the workout and he was already started chirping about some 10 counts. Love that guy. Ice9 made his triumphant return from injury and was pushing it all am. He strolled in with Sir Topham at about 5:29am and the ginger crew was reunited. A bunch of new faces today from Area 51- Voodoo brought the goods. Strong guy who seemed to love the pace of Combine. Icky Shuffle was grinding out the sprints and reps and looked like he could win a bar room fight. FNG Kyle Deacon ( went to Weddington HS and NC State). We gave him the name McAdoo since Weddington is known as the Warriors. Keep coming back McAdoo and remember, you don’t get to name yourself. High Tide was all into it this am. Guy wouldn’t stop talking. Monkey Feet was getting it done. Still jacked up after the 1000 merkins debacle last Saturday. LBJ is still angry at you. FOTL and Foreclosure making the 50+ guys look good. Alibi getting addicted to F3. Seen him a bunch this week. Need him to Q soon. I don’t think Narc lost a sprint today. Stinger tried to sneak up on him one time but the young Narc said no way old man.  Just downright embarrassing. Narc asked that my wife set him up with a date. He must like 50 year old chicks. Kinda weird.

Thanks for the opportunity Narc. You are doing a great job. Voodoo with a great takeout after being asked to do it. We are fortunate guys who can get up at 5am and find friendship all over town. Have a great weekend.

Hillary (#Rifty)

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