I May Be Dating Myself

At 5:24 there were 6 pax standing at the lightpost and when we moseyed at 0530, we were 19 strong. Flashmob take that.

Across Kings to the best grass in Metro for a little COP.

Circle up for 10 SSH IC for start of BLIMPS workout

5 Burpees OYO, followed by 10 SSH IC

10 Lunges each leg OYO, followed by 10 SSH IC

15 Imperial Walkers IC, followed by 10 SSH IC

20 Merkins OYO, followed by 10 SSH IC

25 Plank Jacks, followed by 10 SSH IC

30 Squats, followed by 10 SSH IC


Mosey to top of Target deck.  6 laps around parking lot.  Stop in corner for BLIMPS. First lap do 4 sets of 5 Burpees, next lap 10 Lunges x 4, next 15 IW IC x 4, next 20 Merkins x 4, next 25 Plank Jacks x 4, next 30 Squats x 4 (stop at end of each lap to wait on 6 with plank)

Mosey to Wall.  Wall Sits for minute with “breaks” to complete a set of Speed BLIMPS  (1 Burpees, then 2 Lunges, 3 IW, 4 Merkins, 5 Plankjacks and 6 Squats.) then back on the wall. Made 3 sets before the clock struck 0610

Mosey back to lot for COT and takeout by Tesla.


Kieffer does an excellent job as scribe for YHC during COT. Gets all the names and 80% are legible. Thanks Kieffer.

Baseball was all the talk atop the Target deck this am. Even heard M&M throw in a couple comments. Not bad for a pitcher.

Money started talking about dating himself and then he told us about going to the doctor about his left wrist and that got Tesla talking about stuff we can’t talk about. Normal morning at Core.

Announcements were skimpy with mention of I am 24/7 Food drive and July 4th Convergence. More to come on both.

Thanks for the reins and putting up with the BLIMPS

C you next time, Y because we love you.


Playlist (Nibbler approved – kinda!)

Heartbreaker    Led Zeppelin

Crossroads    Cream

Light Up or Leave Me Alone    Traffic

One Way Out   The Allman Brothers Band

Black Dog   Led Zeppelin

(Don’t Fear) The Reaper    Blue Oyster Cult

Run Through the Jungle    Creedance Clearwater Revival

Good Times Bad Times   Led Zeppelin

I Just Want to Make Love to You    Foghat

Gimme Three Steps   Lynyrd Skynyrd

Miss You    Rolling Stones

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