Car up

When we first got there, we had very few. Then all the sudden, we had an abundance.


In between some of the exercises, we moved for cars. That took the place of the 10-count today.


First, we did our warm-up. The usual things (SSHs, IWs, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, etc.)


At 9:15, we went to McNinch Street and borrowed the wall for:


People’s Chair/Air Press

Balls to the wall/Toe Taps


Next, we went to the end of street (corner of 1st and 1st) and everyone grabbed a rock. After each exercise, we moved 1, 2 or 3 rocks to the right for the next exercise. Curls, Presses, Triceps, Rows, Curls, On your back for presses. The last exercise introduced some people to the hazard of dog waste. Yikes!


To the Bridge: Tiajuana dreamers and Derkins


To the Park: Partner-up, introduce yourself: Make sure you know your partner’s F3 name or if FNG: first name

Dips, Derkins, Stepups while your partner runs a circuit.

We did one round and then:


Crossed the bridge to the street and regroup with:



To the end of street (where we got the rocks), regrouped with a few more exercises and then did a Plank-run back. Kind of like an Indian Run except everyone planked while the last person runs to the front.


By the time we got to Elliott street, time was about up so we ran back to the Center.


Great Crowd today. Total of 23 with 10 FNGs! Amazing! We had to work extra hard coming up with all those nicknames. We had people from: Chicago, Chattanooga, Charleston, Orangeburg, Pittsburg, Philadelphia, NYC (Jamaica/Queens), Pamilico, Waxhaw


Special Mention to Vega. This was his 15th workout in a row here!






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