DMZ 5th Anniversary Convergence Area 51/Metro Summit Preblast

Don’t get the wrong idea, won’t be any hand-holding or high fives at this summit, just a worthy North vs. South beatdown brought to you by Mermaid & Fishwrap to mark 260 straight weeks of uneasy cohabitation and questionable legal status……

Dredd was, um, happy to be Q’ing SOFA and broke a guy’s foot

Swamp & Cindy used to post south of Wendover (!)

Bushwood quit bootcamps after this T-R debacle

Alf displayed his creative side

Hops brought tennis balls?

Runstopper lives up to his name

Meet your friend, rival, brother, co-worker from down South at DMZ Monday.

0530 Carmel Road Park (same place as Governator)

(COP on Bushwood’s lawn if he doesn’t post.)



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