A little running, a little lunging, a few ‘mercans

A lucky 13 PAX assembled at Freedom Park to start their week right.  It was hot, muggy, and ideal conditions for a classic boot camp.  Here’s what they did:

Run into Freedom Park, circle up in the parking lot



Copperhead SquatsX20

Run to the Island Bridge, partner up

Partner 1 runs a lap around the pond, Partner 2 does lunges down the walk

When Partner 1 catches Partner 2, flapjack

After 1 round, do backwards lunges

Run to a grassy area by the ampitheater

1 round of “O God, Why Me” up to 6 and back down

Run to parking lot

Indian Run to Stop Sign

Right Oblique Crunch X10

Left Oblique Crunch X10

AYG back home

Take out by MMOB


Buy a Fortitude shirt from the F3 website and $5 goes towards the Charlotte Men’s Shelter


Great group out today with a lot of push on the awkwardly long lap around the pond.  Q got some ribbing on how similar “O God, Why Me” seems to “patty-cake, patty-cake”.  Next time we’ll do monkey humpers, instead of OGWM in front of the group that was taking a breath & sitting on the island wall.  Thanks to Stogie for the opportunity to lead and thanks to the PAX for the fellowship and the push throughout the beatdown.  SYITG


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