Driven Only On Sunday

Dredd said the other day at coffeteria that men ask him at times if F3 has to be in the morning.  His answer was a simple “No”.  There is no rule that you have to get up and work out at 0530.

Man Cavers agree.  It’s whenever men want to get together to work out, hang out, contribute, or pray.  If you can lead it, then do it.

5 of those that saw 1630 as just such an opportunity posted for a low mileage model of the Man Cave.

The Thang

SSH x20
IW x20
Squats x15
Dips x15
GAAP ups x10 each leg
Merkins x15
Bulgarian Leg Squats x10 each leg
Diamond Merkins x10
Plank Indian Hop
Squats – increasing 1 to 11 at every other pole
A/C Visit
LBC x15
Peter Parkers x15
Parker Peters x15
Step Ups x10 each leg
French Open pole squats
The March while elbow planking x10
GAAP side lunges
Set of 3 trips on the parking lot – 5 donkey kicks at top and ascending burpees at bottom
LBC x15 (again)
Freddie Mercury x15
Dolly x10
Rosalita x10
Russian Twist x10
Heels to Heaven x10
(no guarantee on accuracy or order of the anything listed above)


It was very hot, so mileage was kept to a minimum.  Guitar Hero ran out of things to do with bricks so he didn’t post.  Fugitive was a little too please of GH’s absence having almost fainted hauling around bricks last week.

We had to take a slight detour during the workout to make sure my illegally parked car was not being marked for towing.  A mysterious guy with a yellow construction vest was walking oddly around the parking lot.  We should have headlocked him, but I was just glad he hadn’t called a tow truck.

Speaking of headlocks, sometime during the workout, Money took a detour to talk to a man walking his dog.  I forgot to ask Money why he did so to be able to decide whether to call him out for coasting or praise him for the on the fly headlock.  If so, he gets the GAAP award for the workout.  And speaking of GAAP, YHC chose to try out a couple of his silly exercises that he stole from the internet (is that even correct to call it stealing, if it’s from the internet).

Welcome to Matt Singleton, F3 Frogman.  With time he might have find time to get around to the other military services, but so far he has knocked out 4 years in the Marines and 4 years in the Navy.   Look for him in the gloom.


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