Muggy Monday

What’s this?!?  A backblast from Split Endz?!?!  That’s right, you’re not seeing things…but admittedly it doesn’t show up on the Most Used Tags list.

11 pax turned up for the first No School Split Endz of the summer season (although we established early on that summer doesn’t officially start for another 10 days or so)

The Thang:

It’s hot – also established early as Critter pointed out we were already sweating on the jog over to Harper Valley for the opening COP!!!

Warm up: SSH, Mtn Climbers, Flutters, Wide-arm Merkins, Imperial Walkers, Squats

Mosey over to and down Stairway to Heaven to Map playground – divide up; Partner 1 does 5 (good) pull-ups while Partner 2 does 10 dips, Flapjack.  Rinse and repeat.

Mosey across bridge and up to MPHS back entrance road, backwards run to the speed bump

Mosey over to cross campus road (where construction fence and trailer are still uneven though buildings are done?) for 7’s – at each speed bump across campus to Colony entrance, starting with 6 burpees and 1 Turkish get-up; plank for the 6; on way back more 7’s – at each speed bump back to start at construction fence, starting with 6 hand-release merkins and 1 jump squat.  This was a straight steal from Pitino’s workout at Bastion on Thurs – YHC is never afraid to copy a good Q, plus has no creativity whatsoever.

Mosey to and down the cross country path along the creek, switching to backwards run and lunge walk  occasionally in first half, then stopping every so often for merkins (whining from gloveless fools begins), diamonds (double whining about diamonds and no gloves), squ…whining gets too much and there is a smooth bridge where we stopped, so call for wide-arm merkins, then squats, before bursting out of the gloom and up Colony to the MPHS arch.

3ish mins of Mary – LBCs, Dollys, Heels to Heaven, time check shows it’s time to move along

Mosey up and over Spacklers to Selwyn entrance road, Squats for the 6

Mosey back to COT, but first there’s time for 5 burpees OYO to finish it off.


Attempts to find any moving air at all were futile – heavy, heavy humidity and heat followed the pax high and low, near and far around the South Park Campus.

Ramen (turns out he’s 20, so no wonder), Robo and Magellan were out front all morning – nice job boys!

Grapevine brought the rare FNG to Split Endz, even gave him a carpool ride from the neighborhood!  Welcome Scarlett – last name Sherman, from Atlanta, you get it…

Excellent takeout by RoboCop.

Always a privilege to lead this fine group of men!

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