No better way to get summer kicked off with a viewing of the Great Outdoors with the kids over the weekend.  And no better way to get a Monday going than a little ride on SuckMyWake.  While some PWW regulars (DREAD) went for the pontoon boat over at DMZ, 7 gangsters + 1 FNG Baller took down the ol 96’er. 


Legit 1 mile AYG to 7th Street Sluts Wine Bar (6:16 pace – for me anyways) – 10x Merkins, 23x LBC’s while waiting for the Hairy Wildabeast Neal

Mosey over to 10th Street to the bottom of the hill.  Partner Carry to stop sign and switch to wheelbarrows

Mosey over to the MFShip.  23x Mountain Climbers.  To the top.  10x Merkins.  20x flutters.

Mosey over to the city bus parking lot.  Did something while waiting for Need for Speed.

Up and into the BB&T parking garage and around to the MiniMutha.  Backwards run to the top.  20x RT’s.

Back down and boomerang back to the top.  20x LBC’s. 

Choose your own adventure back to the Dowd Y. 

 4.44 of awesomeness.  Win – Dumb Question.  Place – Danny (B- Effort).  Show – Neal.  NEAL???  Yes – CMD is and should be embarrassed.   Dana has been notified.


Vacation Highlights

  • HUGE F3 Announcement over the weekend:  SirTophamWilbur is the new Nantan of F3Louisville.  This was a big deal.  It was between him and Sluts.  It went down to the wire with Wilbur pulling in the rural/everyday man vote that Sluts couldn’t connect to.  Rumor has it after his defeat, Sluts took a lesser role in the organization that means almost nothing.  But he will be good at that.  Well done Wilbur.  #bats&bourbon
  • Peach’s and Crème:  Need for Speed Tolkien made his FNG appearance at PWW and brought along The GOAT from the Montevallo Falcons.  Yes that Ryan May (Peach Belt).  Sean May’s half cousin minus Sean’s Charlotte Bobcats diet of Golden Corral’s and Duck Doughnuts.  Dude hung tough at easily the hardest workout in F3.  Come back anytime and don’t ever go to a workout in Cotswold.  That advice is free.  Next one won’t come cheap.  Need for Speed JR on the other hand…you got some work to do bro.  Time to start pushing rather than ridin’. 
  • ihoB: Neal (some people call him Hillary but please call him Neal) texted me this morning to let me know that IHOP was changing their name to ihoB today.  WTF?  I know damn well there aren’t any IHOP’s on Nantucket.  Cathy has poor Clarence up there picking fresh blueberries for his handmade flapjacks while combing WayWay’s labradoodle tail.  You owe me 1 free text message.  #block
  • FreeLoader’s Fat Camp:  Speaking of text messages…got some more spam over the weekend claiming he was Freeloader.  Said he was 2 dollars away from hitting the 2 dollar goal for his fat camp.  He obviously doesn’t know I don’t donate any of my money to charity.  Check with the Nantan of Cotswold Sump.  He might have some loose change.  And ya’ll could challenge each other over at that workout you and OBT started on Tuesday’s.   What’s the name again?


Good luck beating me at Winning the Summer this year boys.  If any HIM’s want some Stinger-like Wheatstone mentoring, I’m not available.  Roman and I will be kicking ass on SuckMyWake. 


3 thoughts on “#suckmywake

  • June 11, 2018 at 1:14 pm

    Yakety-Yak. I did catch Hillary staring longingly at that LimeScooter heading up 4th. #notsayinjustsayin

  • June 11, 2018 at 5:14 pm

    Correction: it’s SPEED FOR NEED , everything else is pretty much accurate tho. Nice Q XOXO

  • June 11, 2018 at 5:21 pm

    Cindy, thx for the IHOB shoutout. Cant see how a pancake house can shift to burgers.

    Peach Belt crushed it although the opening 6:30 mile took its toll. “Stay out of Cotswold” is the line of the week.

    For you scooter enthusiasts, all you need is a credit card. Those things do 4 minute miles. Neal felt like the NCAA women’s 4×400 anchor leg from USC. Look it up.


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